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2014: Travel Inventory

Same as last year and last 2012, here's a summary of all my travel this 2014. Thanks to Google+ Stories for making storytelling even better. :) 2 International Trips South Korea - Vacation (4 Days) Sri Lanka - Google Community Summit Asia 2014 14 Local Trips Gapan City, Nueva Ecija - GDG Student Developer Day (1 Day) Tagaytay City, Cavite - Vacation (Half Day) Los Baños, Laguna - GDG Campus Roadshow (1 Day) Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental - 5th ICT Youth Convention (2 Days) Davao City, Davao del Sur - University of Mindanao Deployment (14 Days) Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya - Region 2 Deployment (6 Days) Panabo City, Davao del Norte (6 Days) - Region 11 Deployment Indang, Cavite (5 Days) - Region 4 Deployment  Cabanatuan City. Nueva Ecija (6 Days) - Araullo University Deployment Dagupan, Pangasinan (7 Days) - University of Pangasinan Deployment Iloilo City, Iloilo (6 Days) - University of Iloilo Deployment  Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental (10 Da

3 Days in Dagupan, Pangasinan: Food, Colleagues, and Work

Below is the Google+ Story of my quick and sudden trip to Dagupan, Pangasinan.

Perks of Goodbyes

My sister (Therese) sent this piece of writing via email last November 20. It's a narration of her point-of-view of her last day in the Philippines. Hasta la vista, tchau, au revoir, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, goodbye, paalam! It is said in different languages but has an unambiguous meaning. Goodbyes aren't always easy, but you know what they say: When a door closes, another opens. I woke up just like any other morning. Darkness filled my room, and I could barely see. I tiptoed out, so I wouldn't wake my little sister, Alyanna, who seemed enjoying her sleep. I couldn't believe it was my last night sleeping on that firm bed, I thought as I was showering. When I was finished, I found my mom packing. She had been packing for months now. It seemed endless. She had her hair in a messy bun, her lips in a pout, and her eyebrows in a crease. She finally noticed me and yelled with annoyance, “What was taking you so long? Hurry up! Hovey’s going to use the shower!” I did

4 Days in Biñan City, Laguna: Food, Colleagues, and Work

Below is the Google+ Story of my short stay in Biñan City, Laguna.

11 Days in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental: Food, Colleagues, and Work

Below is the Google+ Story of my 11 Days in Cagayan de Oro City. I'll probably write a more comprehensive post about it soon. :) For now, enjoy the story!

6 Days in Iloilo City, Iloilo: Food, Colleagues, and Work

To end my 4-week in the provinces, I had the most amazing 6 days in Iloilo. Food trip galore! Below is my Google+ Story. Enjoy!

4 Days in Dagupan City, Pangasinan: Food, Colleagues, and Work

This is the third province I visited ever since I came back from Sri Lanka. Below is my Google+ Story.

6 Days in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija: Food, Colleagues, and Work

Cabanatuan City is the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines because it's the main form of transportation is a tricycle. Anyway, browse through my Google+ Story below for the gastronomic adventure we had and the awesome people we met. I also placed a #Photosphere of the inside of the university. Views : Inside Araullo University by Celine Marie Barrozo

Indang, Cavite: Food, Colleagues, and Work

From September 1 to 5 (yup, fresh from my Sri Lanka adventure), I went straight to Indang, Cavite for work. Below is a Google+ Story of my 5 days in the small municipality of Indang. Update: I also added two photospheres of Indang, enjoy! Views : In front of Tropicana Hostel inside Cavite State University - Indang Campus by Celine Marie Barrozo Views : Main Gate of Cavite State University - Indang Campus by Celine Marie Barrozo

The Sri Lanka Adventure

Day 1 - Manila-Singapore-Colombo My adventure started with our flight to SQ919. Singapore Airlines. It was the first time I am flying via the airline, and they have in-flight entertainment and a full meal. I am seated beside  +Benj  and  +Almondyseth . I watched 2 episodes of Family Guy, watched Maleficent for the third time, and was watching Big Bang Theory when we were about to land in Singapore. After less than 2 hours, we were in our flight going to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I fell asleep as soon as I sat in the comfy seats of the plane. I woke up when the food arrived. I started watching The Lego Movie (yay for in-flight entertainment). In the middle of the movie, I fell asleep, and the stewardess turned off the monitor of my film. Upon waking up, we found ourselves in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Day 2 - Google Community Asia Summit 2014, Day 1 Buffet breakfast. Keynote. Google I/O 2014 Updates. Lightning Talks. Buffet Lunch. Unconference. Gala night. Dancing. Huge seafood. Sleep... ye

SM Makati Food Trip: Bibimbob Express

SM Makati has been doing a lot of renovations the past few months, and the first part that got completed is the newly renovated supermarket and food court in the lower ground floor of the mall.  +Jomar Tigcal  and I said we would try all the stalls in the food court and the first one is Bibimbob Express. Large Chicken Bibimbob (Php 119.00) The thing about the new food court is that the stalls offer more expensive food than before the renovations. As we walked around, I noticed that the food they are selling (on average) costs more than Php 100.00. Anyway,  I liked Bibimbob. The way they presented the food would remind you of Pepper Lunch. We also ordered the Korean Dumping (Php 55 for four pieces), and it was way too oily. Can't wait for our next food adventure! Happy eating!

All-Time Fave: Giligan's

When I have those bad days, I often crave for a feel-good meal (usually during dinner). On top of my head, I would always choose, Giligan's, specifically their Kare-Kareng Gulay! I've been to their branches in Greenbelt 1, Glorietta 5, SM Megamall, TriNoma, Robinson's Galleria, and SM North EDSA. November 4, 2013 @ Glorietta 5 November 21, 2013 @ Greenbelt 1 December 17, 2013 @ TriNoma August 21, 2014 @ Glorietta 5 Always and will be my fave comfort food. :)

Review: #DoubleyourLove in Pancake House

I love Pancake House!  +Jomar  and I had lunch in Pancake House (Makati Medical Center branch) today and tried the #DoubleyourLove promo which serves two plates of their Spaghetti and Taco plus iced tea only for Php 350.00. It was a decent deal. My usual order in Pancake House is the House Special Set (spaghetti, taco, chicken, and iced tea) so I was happy to be eating both the spaghetti and taco. As an additional, we ordered 2-piece chicken with rice. Hehe. Gutom. Be sure to try the #DoubleyourLove promo of Pancake House! =) Happy eating!

Food Trip near La Salle Taft: Exile on Main Street

+Joshua  has been raving that we try this restaurant along Leon Guinto Street, walking distance from De La Salle University-Manila. Last August 16 (Saturday), we (+Jomar, +Wayne, and Mitch) gave it a shot. We went there a little before 6:00 PM, and thankfully, we arrived at that time! There's a board games night (every Saturday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM) organized by a group of people so the place could get noisy and crowded during Saturday evening. According to Josh and his friend, it's not usually like that. The Service The service is okay. The waiter who served us didn't smile at all. He also looked tired and impatient. At first, I was a bit disappointed by that, but I just told myself that it's okay. I mean, I could imagine how tired he might be running around getting and serving orders from all the people inside such a small place! Still, the service could have been better. The Food What it lacked on service, it compensates with the yummy food.  +Wayne  h

Panabo City, Davao del Norte: Food, Colleagues, and Work

After my six days in Nueva Vizcaya, I had two days to pack up and clean the condo in Mandaluyong before heading straight to the airport for another six days, this time in Panabo City, Davao del Norte. Here's a cool Google+ Story about my stay there. How to get to Panabo City from the Francisco Bangoy International Airport? I am sure there are other ways but going to Panabo, but Monique and I took a cab and paid Php500.00. They say that the usual cab price is Php 750.00 because the cab driver will have little chance to get a passenger going back to Davao City.

Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya: Food, Colleagues, and Work

I spent almost a week in Cagayan Valley, specifically the province of Nueva Vizcaya. From the university district of Bayombong to commercial district of Solano, we've met wonderful people and ate tons of food. Here's a Google+ Story to highlight those days in the valley. How to get to Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya? We took the Victory Liner bus going to Tuguegarao and got off in the Bayombong. It's 8 hours long on the bus with around three stopovers.

Davao City: Food, Colleagues, and Work

Yup. That's right. I was in Davao City for fourteen days. It was the longest I've been away from Manila without family or boyfriend. Below is a Google+ story for you to enjoy. Happy travelling!

My South Korea Experience

From March 21-24, I was enjoying the cold weather of South Korea. Instead of writing paragraph after paragraph explaining what I saw, what I ate, and the full experience, here's a Google+ Story about my trip. Jomar and I are wacky in this picture! Thanks for capturing this moment Mama Chelle.

Japanese Food Trip: Kichitora of Tokyo

Our Awesome Planet released a blog about the 10 Most Awesome Ramens in 2013 . So my ramen monster friend  +Jerome ,  +Mitch , +Jomar and I tried to clear the list around Makati. From the list, we have only tried Ukokkei Ramen Ron and Hokkaido Ramen Santouka. Because of that, we decided to add a 3rd one: Kichitora of Tokyo. Honestly, by far this is the best ramen I've tried EVER! Now, whenever I try ramen, I will order Spicy Miso Ramen to compare it off with this one. Their gyoza is so-so and the oyakudon Jomar ordered was soupy (if there's such a word). The Ramen was spicy, but it's just the right amount of spice that would allow you to taste the miso based soup. Overall, Kichitora of Tokyo is my fave ramen place so far. Oyakudon and Hokkaido Spicy Ramen Kichitora of Tokyo is at the 2nd Floor of Glorietta 5 in the Ayala Center.

Food Trip in Malugay Street: Ara Korean Restaurant and Rocci Coffee + Chocolate

Last February 6,  +Jomar ,  +Mitch , and I received our Korean Visa. To celebrate, we set forth to Malugay Street and had a fun Korean dinner at Ara Korean Restaurant along Malugay Street in Makati City. It was not the best Korea place I've tried in the Metro. I still prefer the authenticity of Happy Han Bapsang in Ortigas, the ambiance of Maru in Jupiter Street, and the delicious food from Samgyupsalamat near De La Salle University-Manila. Grilling the Samgyupsal at Ara Korean Restaurant

Food Trip: Press Cafe

Press Cafe is a restaurant inside the posh Power Plant Mall. It is near Fully Booked and the Cinemas. Around three weeks ago,  +Chelle ,  +Mitch ,  +Wayne ,  +Jomar , and I decided to watch the Filipino movie Starting Over Again starring Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga at the Power Plant Mall. Before the movie, we had dinner at Press Cafe. It was a bit expensive, but I was hungry and would want to eat before the movie. I had the Cheesy Eggplant which was cheesy and yummy. Though, half-way through it, I want to stop eating since the appetite is gone. Wayne had burgers while Mama Chelle had pasta and Mitch had steak with potatoes. Jomar had chicken with rice. My Cheesy Eggplant on top. Wayne's burger on the lower left. Jomar's chicken on the lower right. The food is good, but the price is a bit on the mid-range. You would need at a minimum Php 200.00 for a decent meal.

Food Trip: Mooon Cafe

I've been to Mooon Cafe twice, and both times it was in the City of Ozamiz. Both times as well, I loved the food I had. The first time  +Jomar  and I were there we had Spaghetti ala Gambas and Quesidilla Vera Cruz. Both were good.

Japanese Food Trip: Yabu (House of Katsu)

I have to come to love Japanese cuisine, from a steaming bowl of ramen to the raw sashimi and sushi but of all the Japanese food I have tried, my ultimate favourite is the Japanese Curry. I have tried a lot of Japanese restaurants around Metro Manila and would always order the Japanese Katsu Curry. Last Sunday, I had my "love myself more day." I went shopping around Glorietta for corporate attire since I am about to start my new work. When consulting my trusted app,  +Foursquare  it suggested that I have lunch in Yabu in Glorietta 5. Thus, I had my Sunday lunch there alone. At first, people were looking at me like I am weird eating alone. The table on my left is a family while on my right is a couple, and here I am in the middle being in my usual Sunday alone-ness. Upon checking the menu, I decided to have the Chicken Katsu Curry Set. After giving my order, the waitress explained the Yabu tradition and discussed that all sides are unlimited. After around 10 minutes, my

Ozamiz City: Food, Friends, and Events

I am back in Ozamiz City! I am so happy to be back in Ozamiz. It's one of those places that you visit not because of some famous tourist spot but because of the amazing people you get to meet. +Jomar  and I went to Ozamiz in replacement of  +Jerome  who won't be able to join the event because of work. Jomar is going to share about the different  +Google Developers  tools and technologies and conduct an Android code lab while I am going to share about Google's programs for students.

Food Trip in Kapitolyo: Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina

There are few good Mexican restaurants in Metro Manila. On top of my list for good Mexican food is Ristras. But after trying out the delicious Silantro Fil-Mex in Kapitolyo, I now have a new fave Mexican place. Why do I love this place? Chicken Cheese Quesadilla with Fries Delicious Food. From the cheesy and generous meat of the Nachos to the incredibly cheesy quesadilla, and the indescribable and delightful burrito, I am hands-down in heaven during the two hours of eating here.

Food Trip near UP Los Baños: Faustina's and Baan Thai

It is a given that near most university there would be a lot of great food places! I am so happy that (thanks to  +Foursquare ) we stumbled upon Faustina's near University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB). We were in the area last Saturday (February 22) during  +GDG Philippines  Campus Roadshow in UPLB. Faustina 's is a relatively small restaurant near UPLB. It serves pizza, pasta, and rice meals. I had pesto pasta (which is my fave pasta - if you've been reading my blog you would see that I keep on ordering this pasta),  +Wayne  and  +Jomar  had the pasta with shrimps, and  +Reymart  had the vegetarian pasta. For sharing, we had shrimp cheese pizza. My pesto pasta was delicious. We were all quiet when the food arrived enjoying ourselves with the particular pasta we ordered.

Food Trip in Kapitolyo: Poco Deli

I've been living near Kapitolyo for almost three months now. +Jomar  and I had been slowly exploring the food heaven it has to offer. Our trusted guide is our friend  +Mitch . She's been staying in Kapitolyo for some years now. I'll start sharing about my food exploration in the coming days so keep on reading! Poco Deli - Bacon Slab, Pasta, and Cake I've tried Poco Deli in Ayala Triangle first before being informed that the first branch was actually in Kapitolyo, Pasig. I had dinner with  +Jewel , and we discussed life, career, and love over our shared bacon slab and Aglio Olio Pasta. It was delicious!

How to Apply for a South Korea Visa in the Philippines?

This post is one of the most viewed posts in this blog. Please note that I wrote this in 2014 and information may not be applicable anymore. Thank you! I've been to South Korea last October 2011. It was my first travel out of the country with friends. It was great! This year (2014), Jomar and I with our GDG friends (Mitch, Wayne, and Mama Chelle) are planning to go to South Korea for vacation. Process of Submission Jomar and I submitted the VISA application requirements last January 29, 2014: Application Form One piece of Passport size coloured picture (we went to Picture City and asked for Korean VISA size photo) - this should be attached to your application form Original Passport (should be valid for more than six months) Photocopy of Passport Bio-page (page 2) Original and photocopy of valid visa/s and arrival stamps to OECD member countries for the past five years (if applicable, and Korean Visas is not counted) Original Certificate of Employment (with contact nu

A Visit to National Museum

Last Sunday, I got a chance to visit the National Museum in Manila. They finished renovating the ground floor while renovations are still ongoing on the levels above. All the doorknobs have N and M in it - how cool is that! I went to the National Museum back in college as a requirement for our class. I don't remember much from that visit because I am not good with appreciating paintings and sculptures. Nonetheless, I had fun going around the more than ten exhibits available on the ground floor of the museum. The entrance fee was free last Sunday (I am not sure if this is an every Sunday thing) but still few people were there.

Less than half-day Tagaytay Trip

Yes, we were in Tagaytay for less than half of a day. Last Sunday (January 19),  +Jomar , Mama  +Chelle , and I gave a tour to  +Amit Chopra  to the cold and breezy Tagaytay City. We left Manila around 6:30 AM and have found ourselves on top of the People's Park in the Sky 2 hours later. It was a cloudy day, and intense cold winds greeted us on top of the park. The view of Laguna and of course, the Taal Volcano is gloomy. The boyfriend is holding the giant pineapple. :)

Food Trip in Gapan City: Luz Kitchenette

Good food. Fast service. We visited Luz Kitchenette for early dinner before heading back to Manila. We ordered a lot of food, and I only took a few photos. Right now, this place is one of the most recommended restaurants in the City of Gapan. Be sure to order the Caldereta! It's excellent. Here  is a Google Maps location for your reference.

Gapan City: Food, Friends, and Events

It was my first out of town trip for the year!  +Jomar ,  +Wayne ,  +Chelle ,  +Mitch ,  +Reymart ,  +Alvin , +Amit  and I left Manila at around 6 AM on our way to Gapan City, Nueva Ecija! We had breakfast in one of the gas stations in NLEX. A little before 9 AM, we found ourselves in Waltermart, Gapan City. After setting up our tarps, we are all set for the event! Student Developer Day in Nueva Ecija Two hundred ninety-four students from ten different universities and colleges in Nueva Ecija attended the event for the day. After enjoying our popcorn (yes, the venue is inside the cinema) and packing up our stuff, we visited the school of AIE College of Gapan.

Food Trip in Maginhawa: Cafe Quezon

Cafe Quezon  is a little cafe along Maginhawa Street. +Jomar  and I had desserts here after our lunch in Katsu Cafe. We even managed to watch two episodes of Detective Conan. Below is our very delicious dessert: Dinuldol (sliced banana) and Fried Suman. Fried Suman and Dinuldol (sliced banana)

Food Trip in Maginhawa: Katsu Cafe

Last Saturday,  +Jomar  and I went to Maginhawa for some personal matters and well, to eat. We decided to try Katsu Cafe along the very long and food heaven Maginhawa Street. Gyoza, Chicken Katsu Set, and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice The ambiance of Katsu Cafe is not very Japanese though I supposed this was to expected since the ambiance in Crazy Katsu is the same. Food wise, I like the Chicken Katsu Jomar ordered. It was crispy and quite tasty. I had my usual Chicken Katsu Curry Rice and Gyoza. The Katsu Curry is acceptable (nothing special and it's not the best I've tried). Gyoza is the worst. It was way too sweet. I can't believe that Gyoza would be sweet. I don't think I'll be coming back. Address : No. 189 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Makati City