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Volunteering inside Queen Elizabeth Theatre

I did something I hadn't done in a long time: volunteer in person. Compassion Canada was looking for volunteers for the "for KING & COUNTRY" concert at Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Downtown Vancouver. I have a confession: I didn't know the band before volunteering and spent the last few nights listening to their songs on YouTube. I'm inside Queen Elizabeth Theatre. It was fun to volunteer in person. After our volunteering part (during the intermission), we enjoyed the second part of the show. for KING & COUNTRY band I haven't been to a concert since forever (12 years ago?), and it was fun, but I wish I knew more of their songs. After the show, I exited the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to see my husband standing outside. We're both giddy that our dear Vancouver Whitecaps FC won 6-2 (

Visiting Bloedel Conservatory at the top of Queen Elizabeth Park

It's Victoria Day long weeked. Yesterday, we went to Richmond to celebrate youngest sister's birthday. Woohoo! We ordered Popeyes for lunch and Japanese food for dinner. It's always fun to spend time with my siblings. After Mass today, I asked Jomar what he wants to do with the following options: We walk to Downtown Vancouver and visit the Vancouver Art Gallery. We've been living here for more than five years and have not entered it. Since it's a beautiful day outside, we can walk to Queen Elizabeth Park, sit on a bench, and enjoy the serenity it can offer in the middle of a bustling city. We went for the free option of walking to Queen Elizabeth Park. We grabbed Tim Hortons on the way. Despite coming here often, I still love it. Thank God for parks. Queen Elizabeth Park Quarry Qu