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Places to Visit in Singapore

Below is a list of places I visited while in Singapore.

The Merlion Park  A visit in SG won't be complete without a visit to the mascot of the country. A walk around the park will also give a magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands.

ArtScience Museum The reason I went to Singapore is because of the Harry Potter Exhibition happening at the ArtScience Museum. In my opinion, it's so worth my time, effort and money. The souvenirs are quite expensive though.

Food Trip in Singapore

In this blog entry, I will share food that I had during my Singapore Vacation.

Tak Po This is where we had lunch on our first day.We had Har Gao, Prawn & Mushroom Dumpling, Chicken Rice, and Crispy Yam Dumpling. It was overall a good experience. Great food and at a reasonable price.

Location42 Smith Street, Chinatown, Singapore

Filipino Traveller Budget to Singapore

Here is the estimated expenses with flight, travel tax, terminal fee, and everything else. Hope it helps you! It only works in Google Chrome (sorry).

My Singapore Experience

It was my first time this year to fly out of country and I visited The Lion City. I am not really sure where to start in sharing my experience but here's a summary of the places I've been to and food I had. This is the budget.

Day 1 - The Merlion and Google Office It was my first time flying with Tiger Airways and it was a decent experience since I was sleeping most of the time. The flight was scheduled at around 6am but we left 30 minutes later because of the airport traffic at NAIA Terminal 1.

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