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Day 5 of Toronto Vacation: St. Lawrence Market

Our last few hours in Toronto for this trip, and we decided to spend the morning in St. Lawrence Market. St. Lawrence Market St. Lawrence Market St. Lawrence Market is like the beloved Pike Place Market in Seattle and Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver. However, after walking through the two floors of St. Lawrence, I realized how small the Granville Island Public Market is. We ordered from two different stalls, which I will write about in my food blog, and maybe I will remember to add a link here. Gooderham Building Mitch met with us for breakfast, spent more time with us as we checked out from our hotel, and walked to Union Station to catch the UP Express to the airport. Going through Toronto Pearson Airport was a breeze, except for the baggage drop, but security was quick, and there were many food options. Our flight left on time, and we even arrived in Vancouver 30 minutes earlier than scheduled. As soon as we arrived in YVR, I told my husband I wanted hot soup and rice. So

Day 4 of Toronto Vacation: Casa Loma and Royal Ontario Museum

This is a special day; you'll understand why as you read along. We woke up at 7:00 AM and prepared for the day.  Casa Loma Our first destination is Casa Loma. We took Line 1, got off at Dupont Station, and walked to the bottom of Baldwin Steps. The long staircase will take us to Casa Loma.  Baldwin Steps Apparently, it's not a castle but a castle-style mansion of Sir Henry Pellatt. It has 98 rooms and was the largest private residence in Canada. We're in front of Casa Loma. The exterior is magnificent. I also love the two secret passages in Pellatt's ground-floor office and the library. On the third floor are stairs to the towers of the mansion. Overall, it was an impressive home. We're in front of the pumpkin cart. One more picture before more tourists arrive! Inside the Library Their house has a Conservatory! This narrow staircase is one of the secret passages. After two hours in Casa Loma, we walked back to the train station to Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Royal O

Day 3 of Toronto Vacation: Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, CN Tower, and Distillery District

After a long day at Niagara Falls yesterday, I woke up late (7:30 AM) to prepare for our day. Our first stop is breakfast at Tim Hortons to check out the Dream Donuts scene.  Rogers Centre Then, we walked to Rogers Centre, home of the Toronto Blue Jays (who lost their playoff game at home on our Day 1 here).  Did you watch the Pixar animated film Turning Red ? I love the movie, and the fictional 5-boy boy band 4*Town performed their sold-out concert in the SkyDome (the name of this stadium until 2005). Rogers Centre Statue of Edward S. "Ted" Rogers Ripley's Aquarium of Canada I absolutely love the Vancouver Aquarium, and it still is my favourite aquarium in Canada, even with the best effort of Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, which is

Lonely Planet: Ultimate Travel List (The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked)

I love browsing around the Vancouver Public Library, specifically in the travel section where I spotted Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List (The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked) (First and Second Edition). They have a methodology which includes surveys and, of course, input from Lonely Planet authors. According to my research, the third edition should come out in 2025. In this post, I will include the places I visited in both editions. Let's go! Places in both editions The first number is its rank in the first edition, and the second number is its rank in the second edition of the book. #106 then #87 Be soaked in water and mini rainbows at Niagara Falls We visited the Niagara Falls during the Thanksgiving Weekend of 2022 and it was a memorable experience. Niagara Falls #137 then #187 Get rhapsodic at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay I visited Singapore in  2012 , and one of the places we stumbled upon while walking from the ArtScience Museum is the Gardens by the Bay. Bes

Day 2 of Toronto Vacation: Niagara Falls Day Tour

I ended my previous post with a bold claim of how good it felt to write outside of my home and in a hotel room while on vacation. Well, I didn't write a single post on this blog for the rest of the vacation. After touring around, we went back to the hotel exhausted. I want to write but have no energy for it. So hubby assured me it's okay not to write and that I should rest and relax. So when we arrive back at our hotel, we just watch whatever is on Food Network, something I miss since we don't have cable TV at home. Now, I am writing this post in Vancouver. Day 2 of our Toronto Vacation was on October 9, 2022. When planning our itinerary, I asked myself what one thing I would not miss during my first time in Ontario: seeing the majestic Niagara Falls. I searched for a day tour to Niagara from Toronto and found Niagara Falls Day Tour ( ). Niagara Falls Day Tour I woke up at 4:30 AM (unintentionally), which is 1:30