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Day 4: ONT to SEA to YVR | Visiting Southern California

It's airport day! Good morning! I woke up at 4:00 AM to prepare for the day. At 5:00 AM, Tita Vickie toasted the delicious pandesal and prepared hot chocolate to ensure we won't get hungry while waiting for our flight. I am so blessed to have Tita Vickie and Tito Dea in my life. They drove us to Ontario International Airport (ONT) for our flight. I didn't do any web check-in and was feeling paranoid. Thankfully, the staff of Alaska Airlines was pleasant. After getting our boarding pass for both flights, we hugged Tita Vickie and Tita Dioly goodbye and went through TSA. Then, we waited for our flight. We explored ONT and found the ramen vending machine, but everything was sold out. I was so looking forward to writing about it. Anyway, we just sat near our gate, and I napped. A few minutes before boarding, I told Jomar I was hungry. We're boarding soon, so I grabbed a sandwich from Hudson News and devoured my half. Jomar wants to eat his

Day 3: California Orange Poppy | Visiting Southern California

Good morning! Happy Palm Sunday! I woke up at the usual time of 7:00 AM and heard movements in the kitchen. Tita Vickie is preparing breakfast and even made the most amazing tablea hot chocolate. One of my mom's fondest childhood memories is drinking tablea hot chocolate and how it's still the best, and I agree. Tablea  Hot Chocolate After breakfast, we went to Palm Sunday Mass at St. Martha Catholic Church. During Mass, I felt a sudden wave of gratitude. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful family. Thank God for blessing my mom's kind, funny, loving, and forgiving sisters, and we (me and my siblings) are lucky to have such wonderful Titas. Thank you, Lord, for my immediate and extended family. After Mass, we made a quick stop home. Then, Jomar, me, and Tita Dioly rode to Resurrection Cemetery in Ate Stacy's car. I took videos and pictures of the hills covered i

Day 2: Outback Steakhouse and Pechanga Resort Casino | Visiting Southern California

Good morning from California! I woke up at the usual time (thank God there's no timezone difference between BC and California) and heard movements in the kitchen. So I went downstairs and saw my Tita Vickie preparing breakfast. We had spinach and mushroom omelette, longganisa (Filipino sausage), boneless bangus (my favourite!), and sinangag (garlic fried rice). Thanks, Tita Vickie, for preparing breakfast. Tita Vickie, Jomar, and I ate first because everyone else was still asleep. Tita Cherry came down first, and we discussed extended family, Philippine politics, and life in general. Then, Tita Vickie's phone rang. It was Tito Edil (eldest sibling of my mom and Titas), who lives in Philadelphia. He said, "Happy birthday!" and Tita Vickie said, "It's not my birthday." On cue, Tita Dioly went downstairs, and we greeted her with a happy birthday. Tito Edil