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RBC Race for the Kids | Fundraising Fun Run for BC Children's Hospital

Happy Sunday! I wanted to watch the BC Lions season opener last night, but I need to sleep early because I'm "running" (walking/jogging) the following day. I registered to run 5 kilometres during the RBC Race for the Kids. Nat Bailey Parking Lot My husband is a runner. He did a half-marathon last month, and here I am doing my 5km. My hope (goal) is to hopefully continue losing weight and be able to run with him. I am just happy to lose a bit of weight since last year that jogging doesn't hurt my knee anymore because it can carry my weight. Yay for small wins! We started the day early and went straight to the parking lot behind Nat Bailey Stadium. I got my Hero Cape for fundraising more than $500 for BC Children's Hospital, and we enjoyed the day. I'm running, but Jomar is not, so he has all my things and will wait for me at the finish line. My leg cramped during the 2nd an

My Canadian Passport and the First Weekend of June

It's a busy first weekend of June for us. It's filled with activities Jomar, and I enjoy. Friday Evening - Canada Passport Processing Time The "weekend" starts right after working hours are over on a Friday. So last Friday, we went straight to the nearest Canada Post to get a package, specifically my Canadian Passport. After 12 weeks of waiting, it's finally in my possession. Steps For Me (In Person) For My Sister (By Mail) Date of Receipt March 11, 2022 April 5, 2022 Credit Card Charge March 11, 2022 May 9, 2022 Passport Received June 3, 2022 May 13, 2022 Movie of the Night: Top Gun (1985) After admiring my Canadian Passport and preparing dinner, we watched Top Gun (1986). It's the first time we're watching it as we prepare to watch the second movie. I now understand some of the references