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Top 27 of 2022

Unlike the past couple of years when I wrote the year-end post on the last day of the year, this time, I started writing as early as October and kept reviewing and revising until December. The theme of 2022 is #travelrevenge. It is a term I heard from our tour guide as more people felt safe to travel again. We all know the risk and attempt to find a comfortable balance between staying safe and enjoying life. With that said, below is a list of the top 27 places or activities we did this year in no particular order. 1. Beaty Biodiversity Museum Winter is a depressing time. The sun rises late and sets early. I had travel blues in the first month of the year, and to fight it, I decided to search for museums in Metro Vancouver that Jomar and I could visit. The first one on the list is the Beaty Biodiversity Museum . The blue whale skeleton is inside the lobby of the Beaty Biodiversity Museu

PNE Winter Fair

Happy Wednesday! Jomar and I went to the first day of the PNE Winter Fair. We left home after office hours and arrived at the PNE shortly before 6:00 PM. The entrance is near the Pacific Coliseum, not at Hastings and Renfrew's corner. Winter Lights, presented by BC Hydro One of the first lights you will see is the Winter Lights display. But, then, there are the star, train, and gifts. Arc and Star Gift Train A smaller present. After admiring the first section of WinterLights, we took a peek inside the Tim Hortons Ice Rink at PNE Agrodome. Tim Hortons Ice Rink at PNE Agrodome

Holiday Party at Vancouver Aquarium

I'm happy. I work for small businesses and don't experience Christmas/Holiday parties. We did have dinner in the past, but it's different than having a party with 200 people. Vancouver Aquarium Main Entrance Thankfully, Jomar's workplace organized an in-person Holiday Party this year at the Vancouver Aquarium. There were lots of food, alcohol, sea creatures in the dark, and socializing. I met his colleagues. I had a wonderful time. Pacific Canada Gallery I need to practice wearing heels! Standing up for 3 hours on 2-inch heels is too painful for my feet. Thankfully, the company gave Uber vouchers, so we used them to and from the Vancouver Aquarium. Jomar and Me