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PNE Fair 2022

After Sunday Mass, Jomar and I took Bus 14 all the way to the PNE Fair. PNE Fair Food, Rides, Raffle, and so much more It reminded me of my high school fair, but with more things to do, like watching a dog show, going to the petting zoo, admiring the dinosaur display, and rides. I am at the PNE Fair Of course, my priority is food. So we walked around the whole PNE maybe 2-3 times to look at all available food items and buy the one that caught our fancy. Dinosaur Display in Toon City - it seems like they all have sensors. They move, and their eyes blink when someone is nearby. We enjoyed the corn, corn dog, rice served in a pineapple (literally), and fried Oreos. Unfortunately, there were too many fried things, and everything smelled like oil. Cheesy Korean Rice Dog from Corn Dog King The Hawaiian Rice Bowl from Rice Bowls Paradise Buttered Corn from Roasted Revolution food truck It reminded me of the sweet corn they sell along Katipunan Avenue. Deep-fried Oreos from CinCity Donuts It r

A Couple Hours in Jericho Beach

I grew up in Metro Manila, and one of the things I was apparently missing (which I only realized when I moved to Vancouver) is the lack of green spaces. Many people want to travel primarily to take a break from routine. But somehow, I don't feel as deprived of travelling as some friends because every weekend feels like a mini-vacation. Today, Jomar and I walked more than 5 kilometres from our home near South Granville to Jericho Beach on the west side of Vancouver. There's a nearby park, and it was so quiet. Of course, there is laughter from family and friends who are picnicking nearby and sound from seagulls, but it's so relaxing to be there. It feels so far away from the noise of Vancouver. I absolutely loved it. If we took public transit, it only took ten minutes to find a quiet oasis. There's also nearby Spanish Banks Beach that we haven't visited yet. Summer is almost over, and I am hoping to do more fun things outside in Vancouver. 4x Zoom using my Google Pixe