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Hello 2019!

2018 has been a busy year. I stopped writing here mid of last year because I got promoted at work (yay!) but has been really busy.

One of my goal for this year (and was my goal last year) is to write 1 post each week. Last year is also the first time I didn't have a year-end summary. Oh well. Let's  be positive as we welcome the new year.

New Year's Eve I arrived in Canada last 2015 and I spent NYE for 2016, 2017, and 2018 thinking and dreaming of watching the fireworks in Downtown Vancouver. I didn't go those previous years because of the cold and crowd. I told my brother during my first NYE in Canada that we should book a hotel in Downtown where we could see the fireworks, avoid the crowd, and be warm.

Pan Pacific Hotel That dream came true NYE of 2019. Last September, I booked a hotel room at Pinnacle Hotel. However, in November, I learned that the fireworks display won't be visible from any of their rooms which is unfortunate. I, then, called Pan Pacific Hotel …

My First Plane Ride: Hong Kong

The first time I was able to ride the plane was the year 2004. Our family is going to Hong Kong for a 3-day vacation. It was the first time I saw an airplane up close and as a teenager going up in a developing country - it's like a dream country. Below is the summary of what I remember from a trip that happened almost ten years ago:
Eating hot noodles in one of the small eateries in Hong Kong. They served it in such big bowls!Having breakfast in McDonald's and was seriously shocked that they don't serve fries - they still have hash browns though.I was shopping galore at a Giordano shop which was on a 50%-off sale.Mother was asking a stranger for directions in Filipino - as it turns out the person she's talking to is from Malaysia.Riding the cable car in Ocean ParkRiding the train which goes through the sea - seriously scary. I imagined a movie when the tunnel would collapseGoing to their market and buying souvenirsStaying in a beautiful hotelCold weatherI saw a female s…