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Coldest Day Ever!

I arrived in Canada in 2015, I've lived in Metro Vancouver ever since, but today is the first time I experienced -8 degrees Celsius (17.6 Fahrenheit). I know other places in Canada get way more snow than us and get way colder, but this is unusual for this city. This is us on our way to work, Monday morning. Jomar and I had to dress in layers for the first time this week. We had a shirt, sweater/cardigan, scarf, gloves, and boots. We also had to stroll because it's hard to judge a patch of clear, slippery ice. Otherwise, it's beautiful. Growing up in a country without snow, it still feels magical. Sunday morning: view from our "balcony." Sunday morning: VSB Park on our way to Church Monday morning: Beautiful Granville Loop Park Tuesday morning: Granville Loop Park I'll take photos of Granville Loop Park every day for this week just to see snow accumulation overnight. :) Stay warm, Vancouver and Canada!

Harry Potter, Lego, and Funko Pop Collection

I thought my first post of the year be about the "simple" things that gave me joy last year. I started buying and collecting Lego. It's scary and I have no idea why I started doing this, but here's my collection so far. Here's my Lego Collection so far: For the longest time, I've been unofficially "collecting" Harry Potter merchandise. I don't actively buy things (except when they're on sale LOL) and most are from family and friends. Another recent "collection", I've been expanding is Funko Pop :