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Vancouver is Home | First Half of May Highlights

We're almost halfway through May, and while the Philippine elections stressed me out, I am constantly reminded to be grateful that I call Vancouver home. Below are some highlights of our May 2022 so far. BMO Vancouver Marathon Jomar ran the half-marathon during the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1, 2022. Below are more detailed blog posts on how the day went (for me, at least). Breakfast from Starbucks Lunch at Lin Chinese Cuisine Dessert  at Trees Cheesecake + Organic Coffee Cloudy Day on May 1, 2022 - Perfect Weather for the BMO Vancouver Marathon I'm proud of Jomar for completing the half-marathon. 🙌 New Chromebook I have been using a Chromebook since end of 2016, and I've only used Asus Chromebooks. I purchased a 13-inch one (2016), then an 11-inch one (2017), and now I have a 15-inch Chromebook. The two smaller ones are close to end-of-life (no software updates), so I'm giving them to my mom as her travel device. 15-inch Asus Chromebook Mother's Day Dinner A

Beautiful Spring in Vancouver

This post will be a "photo dump" of all the videos and pictures I captured this April 2022. It's such a good reminder that I live in a beautiful city and can stop and smell the flowers. View from Cambie Village Cherry Blossoms near Granville Island The video below is taken while walking along Cambie Bridge and inside BC Place. The video below is when we had 5 minutes of hail last April 10. 3rd Avenue from Burrard Street Inukshuk near English Bay Beach Park View from Burrard Bridge I hope you had a beautiful April 2022. Stay safe and be kind.

How much is wisdom teeth extraction in Vancouver in 2022?

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed today, and thank God that it went well. I am recovering better than I thought, thanks to painkillers and antibiotics. But, more importantly, thanks to my awesome husband, whose been reheating the soup we prepared beforehand and making sure I have icepacks on my swollen cheeks. Thank God for full-time work that provides insurance and HSA (health spending account), which means we got (or will) reimbursed for the procedure. How do you get your wisdom teeth removed in Vancouver? This is based on my experience as a patient, so it may vary to vary. For five years (since I had Dr. Kent as my first dentist in Vancouver), he explained that my wisdom teeth are there, but they're not impacted, so he recommends we keep observing it. Now, in 2022, one of the teeth came out. There's no pain yet, and they're still all behaving. I think I could have waited, but I asked my dentist what she recommended. She believe

The Big Picnic at David Lam Park

Happy Saturday! We started our weekend with free breakfast sandwiches from Starbucks. 😄 Then, we walked 30 minutes across the Granville Bridge to David Lam Park. We're attending The Big Picnic organized by The Vancouver Cherry Blossoms Festival.  Beautiful sunny morning to admire the cherry blossoms tree. I didn't know that David Lam Park has that many mature Cherry Blossoms tree. It's beautiful. A lot of families, friends are picnicking under the colourful trees. I absolutely love it!  David Lam Park I prayed last night that it will be a beautiful clear day instead of the forecasted rainy day and I thank God for answering my prayers. We also ordered the Blossom Bento Box from Sushi Private Catering and it was delicious.  Enjoying my Blossom Bento box under a Cherry B

Visiting the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum | Family Day 2022 Weekend

Happy Saturday! It's Family Day long weekend, and Monday is a non-working holiday in BC. Our original plan for today is to watch the scrimmage game of the Whitecaps FC team in BC Place. However, it was scheduled at 2:00 PM, so I started looking for museums that we could visit near the area that we could see in the morning. I found in Google Maps The BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, which is inside BC Place (separate entrance). I booked a ticket right away for the 10:00 AM entrance. Guess what? The tickets were free because it's Family Day weekend! BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Entrance Free game and free visit to the museum - I feel so blessed. We arrived at the museum at 10:15 AM and stayed there for almost three hours. We visited the gallery in the following order: Vancouver 2010 Gallery - Moments and memorabilia of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games  Hall of Champions  - A lot of pictures and tributes to honour the inductees of the BC Sports Hall of Fame Defining Moments

Visiting the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre at Vanier Park

To celebrate hubby's birthday, we went to the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre at Vanier Park. We spent three hours inside the Space Centre: 10 minutes watching "A Day in Space," 45 minutes enjoying the Surfing the Solar System Planetarium Show, and the remainder of the time learning and interacting with the display in the gallery. Below are some of the pictures from our visit. Meteorite found in Gibeon, Namibia Astronaut Astronaut Suit on the "surface" of the moon  A beautiful beginning of "Surfing the Solar System Planetarium Show." Mars Odyssey Section Rockets on Display I have been enjoying making this mini trips around Vancouver. I hope we can travel outside the city soon. I can't wait to visit parks and gardens during Spring and Fall and go to the beach in Summer.

Visiting the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC

I never knew how many museums and art galleries are in Metro Vancouver, yet as I was searching for places to visit near Vancouver, many museums that I didn't know existed came up. One of which is the Beaty Biodiversity Museum at UBC. My younger sister graduated from UBC, but Jomar and I have only been there together once when we went to explore the Museum of Anthropology. For our local exploration today, we spent three hours at Beaty Biodiversity Museum. The famous blue whale skeleton. One section of the Cowan Tetrapod Collection Below are the six sections inside the Beaty Biodiversity Museum. Cowan Tetrapod Collection  - There are a lot of specimens of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and so much more. The Herbarium  - This section has an organized collection of preserved plants, al