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Places to Visit in Makati

When I was in grade school, I remember my parents bringing us to Makati City. As a kid, the tall buildings look taller and everything is just so big and amazing. Fast forward to now, Makati is a place I go to work everyday for the past two years with hundreds even thousands of other Filipinos.

Yesterday, Jomar and I had our first Saturdate for the year. We decided that we would be like tourists in Makati. Here are the list of places of interest that we had or are going to visit:

Places of Worship

Nuestra Senora de Gracia Parish Church - Who would have thought that in a neighborhood known to be full of informal settlers, there would be a gem. One of the oldest Church in Makati City is located near Guadalupe behind the Our Lady of Guadalupe Minor Seminary. A lot of couple from all over Metro Manila decide to get marry here. Also, according to a Foursquare tip, a lot of local soap opera and movies are shot here. To get here, go down from Guadalupe Station and walk along Bernadino Street. F…

SeeQC: Quezon City Travel Guide

I love to travel. But most of the time it sucks when I don't have enough resources (money) and/or time to visit places. Instead of being depress and sulking in my room, I realize that I don't need to go far when in fact I could be a tourist in my own city. With that, Jomar and I made the SeeQC App - See Quezon City (alpha).

The app is really simple. It displays all the tourist-y places according to the Quezon City Website. We also decided to group the places by category like museums, gardens, monuments, etc.

This app is in progress so your feedback is very much welcome. For feedback, suggestion, and comments, please email and/or .

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