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Labour Day Weekend Activities

It was a long weekend and what feels like the last weekend of sunshine before Vancouver returns to its usual Raincouver. In this post, I will share how Jomar and I enjoyed the weekend. Friday Night at Richmond Night Market We had zero plans in the morning of Friday, but by the afternoon, we decided to just go to the Richmond Night Market, and boy, was it fun. It's a gastronomic adventure! More details of what we ate are here . There were fewer people when the gate opened, making the Zoom Pass worth it. The market at full swing after 9:00 PM Saturday at Taiwanfest Vancouver Taiwanfest is back! Because we slept late the night before, we woke up later than usual Saturday morning, which meant arriving at Taiwanfest in Downtown Vancouver after 1:00 PM. View from Granville Bridge when we walked to Downtown Vancouver Taiwanfest Vancouver Taiwanfest Vancouver The only food vendor at the festival ran out of rice. 😭 We still ordered deep-fried chicken and deep-fried Taiwanese sausage to en

PNE Fair 2022

After Sunday Mass, Jomar and I took Bus 14 all the way to the PNE Fair. PNE Fair Food, Rides, Raffle, and so much more It reminded me of my high school fair, but with more things to do, like watching a dog show, going to the petting zoo, admiring the dinosaur display, and rides. I am at the PNE Fair Of course, my priority is food. So we walked around the whole PNE maybe 2-3 times to look at all available food items and buy the one that caught our fancy. Dinosaur Display in Toon City - it seems like they all have sensors. They move, and their eyes blink when someone is nearby. We enjoyed the corn, corn dog, rice served in a pineapple (literally), and fried Oreos. Unfortunately, there were too many fried things, and everything smelled like oil. Cheesy Korean Rice Dog from Corn Dog King The Hawaiian Rice Bowl from Rice Bowls Paradise Buttered Corn from Roasted Revolution food truck It reminded me of the sweet corn they sell along Katipunan Avenue. Deep-fried Oreos from CinCity Donuts It r

A Couple Hours in Jericho Beach

I grew up in Metro Manila, and one of the things I was apparently missing (which I only realized when I moved to Vancouver) is the lack of green spaces. Many people want to travel primarily to take a break from routine. But somehow, I don't feel as deprived of travelling as some friends because every weekend feels like a mini-vacation. Today, Jomar and I walked more than 5 kilometres from our home near South Granville to Jericho Beach on the west side of Vancouver. There's a nearby park, and it was so quiet. Of course, there is laughter from family and friends who are picnicking nearby and sound from seagulls, but it's so relaxing to be there. It feels so far away from the noise of Vancouver. I absolutely loved it. If we took public transit, it only took ten minutes to find a quiet oasis. There's also nearby Spanish Banks Beach that we haven't visited yet. Summer is almost over, and I am hoping to do more fun things outside in Vancouver. 4x Zoom using my Google Pixe

Whitecaps FC Canadian Championship Final

I moved to Canada from the Philippines in 2015 and have watched the Whitecaps on and off from 2016 to 2020. Last year, Jomar would always remind me to watch the Whitecaps, and we did on TSN consistently. We even managed to watch two games in person last season. In December, I decided to take the plunge and purchased the Flex Pass. We'll watch 12 of the 17 home games in BC Place. This is a big financial and time commitment. However, with our Flex Pass came a free ticket to the Canadian Championship first game, and I purchased the tickets for today's final at a discounted price. Home is a Vancouver shirt. There's an extreme heat warning today, and Vancouver's peak temperature reached 31 degrees Celsius. So we decided to take an Uber to BC Place. Fortunately, the gates opened 15 minutes earlier than expected, and they even gave a "Stand by Me" shirt to the first 15,000 fans. "Stand by Me" Shirt We had dinner, then it was the kickoff. Here is the highlig

Trip to Squamish, BC

My dad is celebrating his 60th birthday this year, so my siblings and I planned a trip to Squamish, BC. Every summer, my dad requests that we go "camping" and have a BBQ. He really  wants to grill meat. Day 1: Shannon Falls and Sea to Sky Gondola Jomar and I woke up early to prepare for the trip. First, we grabbed breakfast at the nearby Tim Hortons location; when we were finished, my mom called to let me know they were leaving from Richmond to pick us up. So we hurriedly walked back home to change and bring down our stuff. We stopped by McDonald's in North Vancouver, so they could have breakfast. Then, off we go! Shannon Falls We're enjoying our road trip and love the view along the Sea to Sky Highway. After 50 minutes, we found ourselves at the Shannon Falls Provincial Park entrance. We did the 5-minute walk to the base of the falls and attempted to take as many photos as we could before the buses of tourists arrived. Jomar and I at Shannon Falls We also stopped by