Lonely Planet: Ultimate Travel List (The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked)

I love browsing around the Vancouver Public Library, specifically in the travel section where I spotted Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List (The 500 Best Places on the Planet... Ranked) (First and Second Edition). They have a methodology which includes surveys and, of course, input from Lonely Planet authors. According to my research, the third edition should come out in 2025. In this post, I will include the places I visited in both editions. Let's go! Places in both editions The first number is its rank in the first edition, and the second number is its rank in the second edition of the book. #137 then #187 Get rhapsodic at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay I visited Singapore in  2012 , and one of the places we stumbled upon while walking from the ArtScience Museum is the Gardens by the Bay. Besides the Harry Potter Exhibition, I did zero research on which places to visit in Singapore. 😅 This photo is even older and taken using my Samsung Galaxy Mini. Gardens by the Bay #194 th

Labour Day Weekend Activities

It was a long weekend and what feels like the last weekend of sunshine before Vancouver returns to its usual Raincouver. In this post, I will share how Jomar and I enjoyed the weekend. Friday Night at Richmond Night Market We had zero plans in the morning of Friday, but by the afternoon, we decided to just go to the Richmond Night Market, and boy, was it fun. It's a gastronomic adventure! More details of what we ate are here . There were fewer people when the gate opened, making the Zoom Pass worth it. The market at full swing after 9:00 PM Saturday at Taiwanfest Vancouver Taiwanfest is back! Because we slept late the night before, we woke up later than usual Saturday morning, which meant arriving at Taiwanfest in Downtown Vancouver after 1:00 PM. View from Granville Bridge when we walked to Downtown Vancouver Taiwanfest Vancouver Taiwanfest Vancouver The only food vendor at the festival ran out of rice. 😭 We still ordered deep-fried chicken and deep-fried Taiwanese sausage to en