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Starting February with great news

Last month, I decided to start consulting on my own. I reflected one Sunday evening on my strengths and what gives me joy and what I should do about it. My conclusion was a list of actionable items to help me achieve my goals. I borrowed a lot of books from the library to ensure I have the right foundation skills to start digital marketing consulting side projects. My goal? To help Filipino entrepreneurs in Canada be available and accessible online.

The following Monday, I sent dad a text asking when he would meet his Filipino friend which owns a newspaper so I could pitch my idea. Well, that didn't happen but he mentioned that I am interested in making websites to them. By Friday, Jomar and I met with our first client. Yes, that quick. I know God is at work because it took small steps and by His miracle something happened.

By Saturday, I sent our client a prototype (a sample website) and by Sunday night we're live. A week later we got paid and are now discussing how to help t…

Top 3 Reasons Why I Love Canada

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I have a love-hate relationship with Canada. Now I am giving you the Top 3 reasons why I love Canada.

Family My Ohana is here. Below is our photo in Richmond Center celebrating my parent's anniversary.

Feeling Vacation I still feel like that I am on a vacation. I have been here for two years and the sense of wonder is still there. Take for example, how the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage look at night. We always walk here and I never notice how it looked at night.

Or you may stumble upon a series filming while walking Downtown.

Additionally, here's a mural in a parking lot along Granville Street. It's impressive and worthy of a pause just so you could take a photo.

This is what I love about Vancouver. It allows you to pause and appreciate life - well, only if you let it. Diversity More than the acceptance I feel in Canada, diversity allowed me to grow and accept culture. Moreover, I get to try and appreciate f…

What do you collect when visiting a new place?

I have 4 collections; 3 of which are travel related. I collect or keep things from each country, city, or tourist spot I visit. Here they are.
Bills and coins When I visit a new country and after exchanging my money to the local currency, I make sure to keep one of each bill or coin that I stumble upon. It is actually the first thing I do before spending.

Right now, I have 109 bills from 20 countries. No, I have not been to 20 countries but I have supportive friends who give me their spare small bills to add to my collection.

On the other hand, I have 139 coins (125 unique coins) from 22 countries. I still have around 20 more that I haven't had a chance to inventory.

I started consciously collecting bills and coins in 2010 when I went to South Korea with friends. However, the first foreign bills I kept was in 2004 from Hong Kong which was my first trip outside Manila. Since 2010, I have been keeping every unique bill I see even if the condition is horrible.

Key chains It's a…

Barbecue from Memphis

After Mass last Saturday, Jomar and I decided to take a trip to Memphis without living Vancouver. How? By trying barbecue from Memphis Blues Barbecue House in West Broadway.

Memphis Blues Barbecue House I love barbecue. Whether it's Korean or Filipino-style, barbecue tastes so good! It's tangy and sweet and a bit of heat. Yum! Going to Memphis Blues, I have no idea what to expect all I know is that You Gotta Eat Here visited this joint. Jomar and I (like we always do) order a starter, main course, and dessert.

BBQ Poutine For our starter, we picked BBQ Poutine. I mean, we're in Canada, of course we'll pick the poutine. Honestly, it was a debate between BBQ Nachos or BBQ Poutine and well, you know what won.

It was sooo good. The fries is crispy even though it's smothered and drowning under the weight of the pulled pork and BBQ sauce. The cheese (though not as melted as I would like) provided a creamy texture. Moreover, the serving size is so big, it's definite…
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