Food Guide for Granville Island Public Market

If you have been checking out my blog so far, you would know that I work close to Granville Island and for my first year, my colleagues and I would eat lunch daily at the Granville Island Public Market. It's been my goal to try all the food places in the market and I, finally, finished it last month.

Tips and ThoughtsBest place to sit: Near Blue Parrot. The tables in that section is big enough to hold 6-8 people, ideal for big groups plus it has the best view.
Best time to visit: If you have time to spare, I highly recommend going after the lunch crowd. During summer months, bus tours stop at Granville Island for lunch and it's nearly impossible to get a chair and it's just crowded. I enjoy the peace of the market for early dinner or late snack between 4-6 pm. Don't forget that the market closes at 7 pm.

Water source: If you don't want to spend money on drinks or just want water, there's a drinking fountain where you can refill your water bottle near Granny Muffi…

Day 0. Valentine's Day in Vancouver International Airport

I'm sleepy. I'm writing this in the International Terminal of Vancouver International Airport (YVR) while we're waiting for the boarding of our flight to Taipei. We will have a transfer there for approximately 1.5 hours before our flight to Manila.

Why we're going back? We're going to Manila to organize and finalize our Catholic wedding in the Philippines on July. As you already know by now, Jomar and I are already married in Canada but we want to be blessed under the Catholic faith so we're having this wedding with family and friends.

Wedding Status We still don't have a design for bridesmaid dresses, maid-of-honor dress, flower girls dress, and mother's dress. I'm kinda freaking out but I know God will take care of everything.

I also received terrible news earlier this evening. The reception venue we picked right behind the Church will be turned into a Museum and we can't have our wedding reception there anymore. Yes, we have no dresses and no…

We'll be back home in a week!

Jomar and I will be back in Manila a week from now! Yes, we will be flying back home to complete our wedding requirements and be in the Philippines for a week. I am sure it will be a crazy busy week but I am so excited to see Jomar's family, my dad, our friends, and to eat all the Filipino food I've been craving for.

I decided to make a list of restaurant that I want to visit in a week. Jomar and I have been focusing on losing weight (which is one of our goals this year) and in preparation for the food trip we plan to do back home.
Shakey's Pizza - can't wait to eat their Chicken and Mojos.Giligan's Restaurant - excited to try their Kare-Kareng Gulay, Pork Sisig, and Fried Garlic Chicken.Jollibee - I want to eat everything! Priority will be Chicken Joy, Jolly Spaghetti, and Peach Mango PieKFC - Gravy!!!The Old Spaghetti House - Golden Crusted Chicken, Ham and Cheese Crepe with Angel Hair PomodoroPancake House - Taco (essentially, House Special Set A)PandesalTahoPork…

Closest Filipino Restaurant: Josephine's Restaurant and Catering

The closest Filipino restaurant to our house (that we know of) is not walking distance and that's saying a lot because Vancouver is a walkable city. It's 18 minutes via bus or 35 minutes via walk.

Josephine's Restaurant and Catering I grew up in the Philippines and somehow it will always be home. I love Filipino food and cook at home but there are dishes that are just too complicated to cook that eating out is always fun.

Jomar and I tried Josephine's Restaurant and Catering one Saturday for lunch. It's beside another Filipino store, Aling Mary which has freshly baked Pandesal (yum!). When you're walking along Main Avenue, you can actually smell the freshly baked bread. It smells so good!

The food is awesome. We tried as many type of viand as we could because they have a combo of 2 viand plus rice. We even needed an extra rice because we ordered too much.

Plus, turon! I will definitely come back because this is the closest place I could have all the Filipino fo…

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