Top 12 Moments of 2021

I am writing this year-end post on the last day of the year, and I am unsure how to present a summary of my 2021. So I checked Google Photos to see what moments I captured and decided to choose 12 things we did, and that happened this year that I'll treasure. For future me who might read this, we're still in a pandemic in 2021. So we can go out, but you both are still working from home. 1. Seasons Actually, the four seasons should count as four memories, but I am grouping them into one. We had snow around February and more snow (than usual) in December. Walking in the snow, picnicking during summer, and the beautiful colours of spring and fall truly made me appreciate living in Canada. Walking in Snow Beautiful Spring Picnicking during Summer Colourful Fall 2. Canadian Citizenship I don't think I have any good pictures of my oath-taking as a Canadian Citizen since it was done over a video call, but it's definitely one of the top moments of this year. I will apply for a

Photo of the Month: Back at BC Place

It's so hard to choose one photo or moment for November because it's my birth month. That said, the highlight of the month was when we watched the Vancouver Whitecaps FC at BC Place with 25,000 people. A close second is the delicious half mocha, half ube cake I had on my birthday. Back at BC Place Half Ube and Half Mocha Birthday Cake If you want to be updated with our food life in Canada, you can go to my food blog and follow me on Instagram .