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6 Days in Iloilo City, Iloilo: Food, Colleagues, and Work

To end my 4-week in the provinces, I had the most amazing 6 days in Iloilo. Food trip galore! Below is my Google+ Story. Enjoy!

4 Days in Dagupan City, Pangasinan: Food, Colleagues, and Work

This is the third province I visited ever since I came back from Sri Lanka. Below is my Google+ Story.

6 Days in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija: Food, Colleagues, and Work

Cabanatuan City is the Tricycle Capital of the Philippines because it's the main form of transportation is a tricycle. Anyway, browse through my Google+ Story below for the gastronomic adventure we had and the awesome people we met. I also placed a #Photosphere of the inside of the university. Views : Inside Araullo University by Celine Marie Barrozo

Indang, Cavite: Food, Colleagues, and Work

From September 1 to 5 (yup, fresh from my Sri Lanka adventure), I went straight to Indang, Cavite for work. Below is a Google+ Story of my 5 days in the small municipality of Indang. Update: I also added two photospheres of Indang, enjoy! Views : In front of Tropicana Hostel inside Cavite State University - Indang Campus by Celine Marie Barrozo Views : Main Gate of Cavite State University - Indang Campus by Celine Marie Barrozo