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Cebu: Food, Friends, and Events

After our adventure in Bacolod , we arrived in Cebu a little before lunch. We (Mamu Chelle, JM, Jomar, and I) checked in at Center Suites in Gonzalez Compound and had lunch at CnT Lechon.

Bacolod: Food, Friends, and Events

Last Monday (November 5, 2012), Google Developer Group - Bacolod had their first DevFest BCD . We flew on November 4 at around 6:20 AM via Philippine Airlines . I was feeling sick the night before our flight - I was vomiting, and my body wouldn't digest anything properly. We arrived in Bacolod at around 8:00 AM and Anne were waiting for us (Janet, JM, Mamu Chelle, Ms. Aileen, Jomar, and I) with a van. We checked in at Avenue Suites dropped our bags and changed to our swimwear. We're going to Carbin Reef - a white sandbar in the middle of the Visayan Sea. Before heading there, we had breakfast at El Ideal. Jomar had corned beef, and I had Pud-Pud na Chorizo Recado . It was yummy, but I was so wary of eating everything because of my tummy. I am just glad that Jomar was there. Jomar's Corned Beef and My Chorizo Recado