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Beaches in Laiya

Last May 2011, we had our company outing in Laiya Batangas. We stayed in Kabayan Beach Resort. It's pretty decent for team buildings, but I think there are better resorts around the area. Anyway, here is the picture I took of the sea and the beach. Laiya Beach Summer Heat Peaceful Relaxing Place This trip made me realize how much I love staying in sea water! My colleagues and I were enjoying the soft sand (almost muddy) and warm summer breeze. It was one fun trip!

Hundred Islands in Alaminos

As mentioned in my other post , last April 30 to May 1 my high school friends and I went to a Bolinao-Hundred Island Travel Tour through Explore Island Philippines. Now I will share with you guys the pictures of our second day in Pangasinan. After our first day in Bolinao, we checked in Villa Antolin . It was a simple yet amazingly clean hotel with warm water shower and soft beds. I had such a good night sleep that I was wide awake and enthusiastic for the Hundred Islands tour. Look at all the pictures we took below and the fantastic view we when we walked up the Governor's Island. It is one of just three islands that you could walk on.

Places to Visit in Bolinao

Last April 30 to May 1, my high school friends and I joined a Package Tour for a trip to Bolinao and Alaminos in the province of Pangasinan. April 30 is day 1 of our vacation in Bolinao. If you want to avail of tour packages at reasonable prices and avoid the stress of planning your itinerary and looking for places to visit and hotel to stay in, I suggest Explore Island Philippines . Enchanted Cave According to the man who served as our guide in the Enchanted Cave, the outside before the entrance of the actual cave are parts of the sea before. Just imagine how high the sea level back then! Meanwhile, the inside of the cave is just fascinating as it is part of a bigger cave system (or something like that) in the area. If you're going to have a swim (which I haven't experienced), I suggest you bring goggles so you could see those sharp rocks. Be careful and enjoy! The Enchanted Cave is along Patar road, and it's open 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.   Outside the Enchanted Cave