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Jogjakarta Indonesia Tour

After the successful Southeast Asia Summit with Google, a good number of Filipino delegates stayed in Jogja to see the rest of the city and what it has to offer. Thank God, Reymart has friends who are living in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Not only did they gave us a tour and drove us around the city (instead of hailing and waiting for a cab every time), they were our translator and had become our friends. Bella and Titis are our new friends from Jogja! Both girls gave us ( +Jomar ,  +Josan ,  +Reymart ,  +Ruben ,  +Reymart , +Keshan , and I) a tour around the city. Gadjah Mada University Our first stop for the day is the Sunday Market in UGM. Seriously, Indonesia is a lot like the Philippines. Humid weather, love for affordable market places - the Sunday Market is just like what we have in Makati in the Philippines. After sweating a lot and looking at the different items, we walked going back to the car and saw the beautiful mosque inside the campus. We don't have a lot of mosques i

Third Day in Indonesia

Last Day of SEARCH Summit It was the last day of the SEARCH Summit. Time flies when you're having fun! We're having fun and making friends in Jogja. Now, I have acquaintances and friends from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and more places! Thank God for blessing us with opportunities like this. We had another excellent breakfast even if +Jomar  and I woke up late. We had GDG Managers sharing their experiences the rest of the morning: +Samdy  ( +GDG Phnom Penh ) shared about how to keep the community engaged. Next,  +Ruben  ( +GDG Cebu ) shared about collaboration between the groups. Then,  +Louis  ( +GDG Singapore ) shared about the success of their work with the government to create a contest in making useful applications using big data. Lastly, +Josan  ( +GDG Cagayan de Oro ) shared about the success of their Student Developer's Day. We learned so much and had bonded over the last few days. The SEA GDG Managers is the best group ever!

Search Summit Day 2

After getting restful sleep, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Hyatt. After breakfast, we went to a session with the GBG leads. We had a lot of good afternoon activities as well. I learned about Google Ventures, HTML5, AdMob and AdSense, and Diversity. I would say that the sticker exchange that happened in the morning did the trick that made the GDG leads a talk with each other.

Adventure going to Jogjakarta, Indonesia

8-hour layover. That's the summary of our journey from Manila, Philippines going to Yogyakarta in Indonesia to attend the Southeast Asia Outreach Summit organized by Google for the different communities (GDG, GBG, GSA, and MapMaker) in SEA. Ninoy Aquino International Airport There's 25 of us travelling from the Philippines. We left Manila a little after 9:30 PM via Cebu Pacific going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. While waiting for our flight, the GDG Managers from the Philippines ( +Jomar ,  +Josan ,  +Reymart ,  +Theo ,  +anne ,  +Ruben , and I) decided to use the time to discuss our DevFest 2013 plans. I also purchased from National Bookstore a new passport cover! Hihi. GDG Managers from the Philippines