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Travel Apps

There are so many travel apps out there from before, during, and after you travel and on this page, I'll make a list of apps I usually use when I go. Before (Planning Stage) Google will always be your friend when searching for places to visit. I use Skyscanner when searching for flights to get an idea on available airlines and price range, but I usually buy on the airline website. I use Agoda when searching for hotel names in an area. I also booked my hotels there or sometimes on the hotel website depending on what's cheaper. I haven't tried Airbnb, but I heard it's incredible, so I'll give it a shot on my next trip. Foursquare (bit bias since it's my fave app) for restaurants to try I usually trust travel blogs more when figuring out what is available in a city and of course the local tourism website if it's available. During I use Google Camera when taking photos because it allows me to take 360 degrees photosphere shots. (Plus, I use a Nex