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Churros Hunt is Over! The Richmond Night Market Adventure

I don't think people read my blog so I found work in Canada! Yay! To end my first week at work, Therese and Alyanna went to check out the Richmond Night Market.

It was AWESOME! Seriously, you should check it out. The entrance is $3.25 for general admission. What did we enjoy while inside?

The Games - it was Alyanna's first time to try the carnival, you-have-no-chance-of-winning games. Haha! We tried two games, the pop the balloon with dart to get a stuff toy, which we won (Thanks to Alyanna's strong arms). The other game we played was shoot round hoops to bottles, which we failed. It was fun.

Food Trip in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver: Miura Restaurant & Bar

It's my fault.

When I asked my sisters to watch Food Network I never thought they'll like it. We watched an episode of You Gotta Eat Here and they liked it so much that Therese made a blog post about the restaurants that are in Vancouver for us to try.

This is the third restaurant we've tried ever since we started watching You Gotta Eat Here . Miura Restaurant & Bar is located in Main Street near East Broadway Avenue. It's an Asian-inspired restaurant.

Food Trip in East Cambie, Richmond: Lotus Pho Restaurant

After my DD Mau adventure with Therese, my mom, out of nowhere, asked me to have lunch at Lotus Pho Restaurant after church.

Lotus Pho Restaurant is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. Upon entering, the place is full people. It's the Sunday lunch rush. When we were seated and browsing through the menu, I just know that I'll have Vermicelli Bowl again just to compare it with DD Mau.

Food Trip in Downtown Vancouver: DD Mau

It's my fault.

When I asked my sisters to watch Food Network I never thought they'll like it. We watched an episode of You Gotta Eat Here and they liked it so much that Therese made a blog post about the restaurants that are in Vancouver for us to try.

After visiting Argo Cafe, we went to DD Mau last July 9. DD Mau is a BÁNH MÌ restaurant. It's a Vietnamese sandwiches place. It's featured in You Gotta Eat Here and we just had to try what John Catucci tried.

DD Mau is less than a 5-minute walk from the Yaletown-Roundhouse SkyTrain Canada Line Station. It's a small place with only a few tables. We took our spot in the bar stool facing the street. Therese ordered two half sandwiches: The Classic and Lemongrass Chicken.

Meanwhile, I had a Vermicelli Bowl with three meat: Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, BBQ Pork, and Spring Roll.

Food Trip in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver: Argo Cafe

It's my fault.

When I asked my sisters to watch Food Network I never thought they'll like it. We watched an episode of You Gotta Eat Here and Therese wanted to try all the restaurants that it featured and she even made a blog post about it.

To start our "You Gotta Eat Here" food trip, we visited Argo Cafe. It's a small diner located in Ontario Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue.

First impression, the ambiance of the place is exactly that of a diner. Waitresses wearing aprons the way you would expect of a diner based on what you see on the television. It's pretty cool. Therese and I went there at lunch and there's just one available table. I'd like to think it was meant for us.

While deciding what to have, since the only thing we're certain about is the Mexican Poutine, I shared with Therese highlights of my interview few minutes before. Personally, I am uncertain on what to get but end up with the Spaghetti Carbonara. Therese, on the other hand, wa…

Food Trip in Richmond: Boston Pizza

I keep on saying, Brooklyn Pizza. Okay. There's a pizza chain in the Philippines called Brooklyn Pizza, and they serve one of the best chicken wings ever. Here in Canada, there is a Boston Pizza chain, and since our family loves pizza, we just need to try it out.

One Friday afternoon, our whole family including my boyfriend Jomar went to McArthurGlen Designer Outlet because Hovey is looking for shoes. Alyanna, on the other hand, is not keen on coming but I told her that a churro cart (Hugo's Churros) is sometimes there. Read on my hunt for churros post.

When we arrived at McArthurGlen, there are no Churros much to Alyanna's disappointment. To negotiate I told her, we could have pizza and when we searched for the nearest pizza place I haven't tried (using Foursquare, of course), Boston Pizza at No. 3 Road was the first answer. After Therese and mother were done buying bags, off, we go!

I love the ambiance of Boston Pizza! It was sports-themed. I remember watching their …

Where to eat in Vancouver?

Celine's Note: This post is written by my sister, Therese. We've been dieting for two weeks now. Alyanna and I started watching You Gotta Eat Here on Food Network - our reasoning, if we can't eat it, at least, we get to watch it. That's the background on why Therese created this post.

Vancouver is one of the biggest cities in Canada. With a variety of landmarks and stunning weather, there is no doubt that tourists are lured into visiting this beautiful city. As part of Canada, Vancouver is rich in culture and is consisted of delicacies from all over the world.

Where would you eat in a city that has so much to offer?

Here are the top restaurants in Vancouver:

RestaurantTypeSpecialtyPrice RangeLocationOthersArgo CafeDinerConqueso, hand cut fries, carbonara, and complimentary soup that comes with every meal$7 - $161836 Ontario StreetCash & Debit OnlyCalabash BistroCaribbean BistroSeafood steamer, fry fish, fish duo, fresh seafood curry$18 - $22428 Carrall StreetLive Mu…

What is Canada Day: A Celebration of Diversity at Steveston Salmon Festival

Celine Note: This is the 150th post in this blog. Yay! I am pleased that it just so happen that my sister, Therese, finally agreed to make a post. She is currently studying at the University of British Columbia taking up Arts. She's still deciding whether to take Political Science or Psychology as a major. This piece is her point-of-view from the recently concluded 149th Canada Day.

Due to the recent political upheavals in the US and UK, many citizens of those nations are considering moving to Canada or at least, are joking about it. 
What is so special about Canada? 
Other than the notion that Canadians are polite and friendly, Canada's society is far more advanced than other developed countries. 
The gap between its society and that of others would only widen since a Liberal government is leading the nation, especially with the ever-popular Justin Trudeau. 
Canada has continued to embrace individuality and diversity. It doesn't tolerate prejudices which is evident in the …

Canada Day: Food, Sisters, and Event (My First Canada Day!)

Facebook ads are effective. The only reason I learned about the Canada Day celebration is because of the Facebook advertisement by the Richmond, BC page. When I saw it, I shared it with Therese so we could make plans for my first Canada Day!

What made us decide to go? Food. Specifically, pancake breakfast!

We left home early and arrived at Steveston at almost 9:00 am. We walked around to check what food vendors will be available then lined up for our serving of the pancakes.