Food Trip in East Cambie, Richmond: Lotus Pho Restaurant

After my DD Mau adventure with Therese, my mom, out of nowhere, asked me to have lunch at Lotus Pho Restaurant after church.

Lotus Pho Restaurant is a traditional Vietnamese restaurant. Upon entering, the place is full people. It's the Sunday lunch rush. When we were seated and browsing through the menu, I just know that I'll have Vermicelli Bowl again just to compare it with DD Mau.

Vermicelli Bowl with Grilled Chicken Slices, Fried Roll

My mom, on the other hand, can't decide on what to get. All she knows is that she wanted noodle soup.

Beef Stew Served with Rice Noodle Soup

Review: As you can see I ordered a Vermicelli Bowl with the same toppings I had the day before, grilled chicken and spring roll. They both tasted the same. What I like more about this one though is the fresh vegetable salad which works great with everything else. Meanwhile, mother was surprised that the beef in her Beef Stew is so soft. She thought it'll be difficult to bite because it's really a chunk of beef. Overall, it's a good experience and I'll definitely bring Jomar here when he comes back.


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