Churros Hunt is Over! The Richmond Night Market Adventure

I don't think people read my blog so I found work in Canada! Yay! To end my first week at work, Therese and Alyanna went to check out the Richmond Night Market.

It was AWESOME! Seriously, you should check it out. The entrance is $3.25 for general admission. What did we enjoy while inside?

The Games - it was Alyanna's first time to try the carnival, you-have-no-chance-of-winning games. Haha! We tried two games, the pop the balloon with dart to get a stuff toy, which we won (Thanks to Alyanna's strong arms). The other game we played was shoot round hoops to bottles, which we failed. It was fun.

Alyanna for the win!

The Food - there were many food stalls. Though, they sell almost the same kind of things. On estimate, there's multiple stalls for takoyaki, Chinese noodle, barbeque, etc. You get the picture. Deciding where to eat and what to eat is a huge challenge. I had a curry onion wrap which was surprisingly delicious.

Curry Onion Wrap

But the highlight is the lone Churros booth. After months of searching, we found a Churros that tasted the same as back in the Philippines. The hunt is finally over! Read my Churros Hunt post.

Churro Sprinkled with Cookies and Cream

We also had 1 plain churro (which was delicious as is)

Free Performances - we stayed to watch a lady (I forgot her name) sing her hearts out at the stage. She was good!

The dinosaurs. - It's a pretty cool display but does not really add any value to the night market experience.

7PM Heat at Richmond

Sunset at around 9PM

What I didn't like about the Richmond Night Market?
  1. Cash only! We didn't have enough cash to spend. I wanted to try the ramen booth and other food items. Oh well.
  2. There's too many people in the food section. It was difficult to check what's available in each booth because of the crowd.
Overall, I'll come back again probably with more cash to spend on food and games.


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