Food Trip in Richmond: Boston Pizza

I keep on saying, Brooklyn Pizza. Okay. There's a pizza chain in the Philippines called Brooklyn Pizza, and they serve one of the best chicken wings ever. Here in Canada, there is a Boston Pizza chain, and since our family loves pizza, we just need to try it out.

One Friday afternoon, our whole family including my boyfriend Jomar went to McArthurGlen Designer Outlet because Hovey is looking for shoes. Alyanna, on the other hand, is not keen on coming but I told her that a churro cart (Hugo's Churros) is sometimes there. Read on my hunt for churros post.

When we arrived at McArthurGlen, there are no Churros much to Alyanna's disappointment. To negotiate I told her, we could have pizza and when we searched for the nearest pizza place I haven't tried (using Foursquare, of course), Boston Pizza at No. 3 Road was the first answer. After Therese and mother were done buying bags, off, we go!

I love the ambiance of Boston Pizza! It was sports-themed. I remember watching their TV Superbowl Ad (goooooaaaaaaal!) LOL!

We ordered two pizzas and an appetizer. The first pizza was and will always be Pepperoni because it's Alyanna's favourite. Now, there's a great debate (more of a discussion really) on what the second pizza will be. Therese and I were lobbying for meat lovers of sort pizza, but of course, we let mother chose the second one, so we ended up with a vegetarian pizza.

The Classic Pepperoni Pizza

Veggie Mediterranean Pizza

Pizza is pizza. BP's was good, but it was nothing spectacular. Based on all the pizza chains I've tried in Canada (Domino's, Pizza Hut, Panago, and Boston Pizza), Panago is my personal favourite because the dough is so good. Alyanna likes Domino's Pizza. Therese and Hovey are for Pizza Hut because of the stuffed crust.

On top of the ambiance, I love their Nachos. We ordered BP Fully Loaded Nachos as our appetizer. It was so good. The BBQ chicken topping and cheese was worth every calorie. I would come back to BP just for this Nachos.

BP Fully Loaded Nachos

How about you? What's your fave pizza place?


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