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First Weekend of Summer 2023

Summer officially began on June 21, the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The first summer weekend is busy, and we're blessed with beautiful sunny weather. Friday: Road Trip to White Rock, BC The weekend began when we took a drive from Vancouver to South Surrey, BC. It's my penultimate Friday at my current work. After dropping off company-issued devices (laptop, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc.), we drove to White Rock, BC. The sun illuminated the horizon, and it was low-tide, exposing the rocky seafloor filled with people sunbathing. Thank God for the beautiful scenery. Canada's Longest Pier  is at White Rock, BC Canada We indulged in a delicious dinner at a local restaurant, Charlie Don't Surf , then grabbed a scoop of gelato from Maya's before returning home. Saturday: Immersed in Filipino Culture at the Pinoy Festival We woke up late and had

Family Day Trip to Seattle, WA

My mom's birthday is the same weekend as Father's Day, so we decided to take a day trip to Seattle, Washington, USA. We left home at 5:30 AM and went to the car rental with my younger sister, her boyfriend, me, and Jomar. She rented an 8-seater minivan which is perfect for us. We picked them up in Richmond and left their home to start our drive at around 6:30 AM. We went through the usual USA border processing with our Canadian passports (woohoo!) and my dad's Philippine passport and US visa. We had a short stopover at a McDonald's. Pike Place Public Market Center , Seattle, WA, on a rainy spring day Then, we're off to Target near Pike Place Market. My youngest sister wants to see what Target looks like. It's her first time in Seattle. It's also our brother's first time in the city. We explored Pike Place (mostly lining up at the excellent food plac

Italian Day on The Drive 2023

After joining the fun run at RBC Run for the Kids in Queen Elizabeth Park, we rode the bus to Commercial Drive and attended Italian Day on The Drive 2023. It's our first time joining the festivities! Italian Day 2023 starts at 12:00 NN, and this picture of the crowd is taken at 12:03 PM. I love it! Of course, I was there for the food and ate a lot. My favourite part of the event is the Italian cars on display. It reminded me of 'Luigi' from the Pixar movie Cars. There's also a Vespa! It's Luigi from the Pixar movie Cars. Vespa We saw a street performer doing live fire and magic tricks right before we left. It was awesome. #Selfie If you want to see what we ate, click

RBC Run for the Kids 2023 | Fundraising for BC Children's Hospital

I have a confession to make. I love supporting the BC Children's Hospital but don't particularly enjoy running. For someone who has been overweight her whole life, running is just a non-starter (for the most part). However, I married Jomar, who runs a half-marathon twice a year, and he looked so proud after I did my first 5km run last year , so I decided to attend the event, and I'm glad I did. Before the 5km fun run We grabbed the free shirt, bib, and challenger cape from Nat Bailey's parking lot yesterday. Then, we took two buses to get to Riley Park today. I joined the stretching with Team RBC Athletes (I can't remember how they're "branded" by RBC), and off we go. My time last year was better (because when you're married to a runner, you care about the time), but I did enjoy this year's run better.

Proudly Philippines 2023: Food and Travel Fair

It's a beautiful, sunny Saturday. Jomar and I walked to Robson Square from our apartment to join the fun at the Proudly Philippines 2023 Food and Travel Fair. Proudly Philippines Food and Travel Fair 2023 in Robson Square On our walk there, we crossed on the west side of Granville Bridge and was rewarded with the following view. Thank God for magnificent Vancouver. The sights still leave me at awe. Days like this, I still feel like a tourist here. View of Granville Island from Granville Bridge View of False Creek and Burrard Bridge from Granville Bridge We arrived at Robson Square and walked around to see available food options. I got Mochanut Mamon from (my favourite) and was way too giddy when I spotted Iskrambol. It tas