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To The Year That Was 2012

God blessed me with so many travel opportunities this past year. From vacation to business travels, I've been to new places and revisited some sites I've been to before. I was thrilled to be on a plane excited to meet new people, try different food, and see places. Even if there are some stressful moments, drama, among another negative juju, causing moments, I would say that 2012 allowed me to grow because of experience gained from travelling.

Review of MMDA's EDSA Bus Segregation

Ever since I started working (that was roughly two years ago), I would prefer to ride the bus on my way home. From Ayala near Paseo loading station, I would ride the bus that goes to SM Fairview. Most of the time it's chaotic. People would push each other (just like in the MRT) to get inside the bus. Others would prefer to wait for a more spacious looking bus in the hopes of getting a seat, afraid that they have to stand-up most of their ride in the traffic along EDSA. I don't mind standing cause I am pretty sure lots of people go down at Buendia, Estrella, Guadalupe, Pioneer, and Shaw. But every time I stand on the bus, I always wonder how we could improve our bus system just like in other countries.