Review of MMDA's EDSA Bus Segregation

Ever since I started working (that was roughly two years ago), I would prefer to ride the bus on my way home. From Ayala near Paseo loading station, I would ride the bus that goes to SM Fairview.

Most of the time it's chaotic. People would push each other (just like in the MRT) to get inside the bus. Others would prefer to wait for a more spacious looking bus in the hopes of getting a seat, afraid that they have to stand-up most of their ride in the traffic along EDSA. I don't mind standing cause I am pretty sure lots of people go down at Buendia, Estrella, Guadalupe, Pioneer, and Shaw. But every time I stand on the bus, I always wonder how we could improve our bus system just like in other countries.

Yesterday (December 18, 2012), MMDA implemented what they call, bus segregation scheme. It divides the bus of a different route to three Bus types. Bus A, Bus B, and Bus C with 40%, 40%, and 20% of each bus route. Bus C would stop at all bus stops (and I would never ride that because it gets and drops off passenger everywhere and I feel like my time is going to waste with all the stops plus I think this is the bus that would get congested the most). For Bus A and Bus B, here are their respective stops:

Before the implementation of the segregation, there are two traffic congested areas for buses (at least from my experience), Shaw and Cubao. It would typically take 10-20 minutes to exit those stops. Since I don't go down on those two places, I would go for Bus B. Ideally; Bus B goes through both Shaw Ilalim and Cubao Ilalim (or fast lane ibabaw). In theory, this would and should be the quickest way out of EDSA.

[From Ayala near Paseo loading station] Upon deciding that I wanted to ride Bus B (which I did), the first thing I noticed that fewer people were standing up and less pushing happened going inside the Bus B. Why? Because people now are more conscious that they couldn't just push their way inside the bus as it comes. It is already a plus point for a public transport rider like me. I was pleased that I could ride the bus with ease. I was going to Pioneer / Boni, and it only took 10 minutes for me to get there by the time I was on the bus. The bus went straight to Estrella to unload and load a few people; then it went straight to Boni. It didn't have to stop in Guadalupe wherein before they would wait long to get more passengers. It was an excellent first-day experience.

Now, the real question is, how long can the MMDA sustain watching all the bus stops. Next, are the bus drivers and conductor disciplined enough to follow all these stops? Also, there's the concern about passengers going down and riding at the right bus stops.

I am hoping for the best and hopefully this thus reduce the traffic along EDSA. Thanks, MMDA for this initiative.

Update: It's been two weeks since the implementation of the segregation, and I experience riding buses that do not follow the scheme. *Sigh I guess it's tough to discipline and change the way some people behave.


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