Cebu Pacific Official Receipt

I love flying with Cebu Pacific, but it was about to change after my experience yesterday. For this particular flight, I need an official receipt for liquidation purposes because a company will be paying for my trip.

It says on their website that...

With that, I searched for an organic ticket office...

Yesterday, I decided that I will get that OR. With that, Jomar and I went to Robinson's Galleria Cebu Pacific Organic Ticket Office.

We waited for roughly an hour. Then, we were told that to request an official receipt, we need to have two valid IDs and a letter of request from the company stating the purpose of why we need the OR.

As far as I know (please correct me if I am wrong), I do not need any document to request for an official receipt.

Thanks a lot, Cebu Pacific, for wasting my time yesterday and for not stating on your website that such documents are needed.


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