Bontoc-Baguio Adventure


Last Janaury 26, GDG Halsema had their first meet-up. Jomar and I went up all the way to Bontoc to be their speakers. Jomar talked about GDG and GDG Philippines while I discussed and had a demo of Google Apps particularly with emphasis on how teachers and students could maximize it.

But before the meet-up, Jomar and I rode a 12-hour bus ride going to Bontoc through Cable Tours. Some tips, buy or reserve your tickets ahead of time. I purchased our tickets the day before our trip and we were already seated at the back. Come Friday, there are some people who wanted to buy more tickets but they couldn't. I tried reserving tickets through phone but they didn't reply so I decided to go to the terminal which was located inside this compound. To go there, you have to walk inside the compound between Shakey's and Trinity University of Asia along E. Rodriguez Avenue. The bus left 9:00PM and we had three to four stopovers.


A little after 6AM, Jomar and I woke up just time to see the Banaue Rice Terraces.

Banawue Rice Terraces
(Source Blog)

It was always my dream to see it! Remember those grade school years when it is always in your history book. I can't believe I saw it. After our last stop over in Mt. Polis (which was 14 degrees Celsius) and amazing mountainside views, we arrived at Bontoc.

Panorama Shot - Eye Level with the Clouds

We paid for a tricycle ride for PhP 15.00 to bring us to Mountain Province State Polytechnic College.

After the successful event, we went straight to the GL Lizardo Bus Station for our 6-hour bus ride going to Baguio where we spent the night. We stayed at Hotel Elizabeth which is pretty nice. I had such a restful sleep!

By Sunday, I feel like a tour guide. Since it was Jomar's first time in Baguio, we went to tourist spots in Baguio like Good Shepherd Convent (to buy pasalubong), Mine's View Park (I just had to take his picture with the mountain ranges), The Mansion, Wright Park, Burnham Park, and Baguio Museum (it was also my first time here). 

The boyfriend enjoying his strawberry taho

We had lunch in O-Mai-Khan which was amazing! We hurried back to the hotel to checkout and went to Victory Liner. There was a long line but we managed to ride the 2:10PM bus back to Manila. We even watched three movies while inside the bus, The Wanted, The Proposal, and Deja Vu. We arrived in Manila at around 9PM. Overall, it was an amazing and fun trip.


Here was our itinerary during the trip:

20:00 Be at the Cable Tours bus station

08:30 Arrived in Bontoc
09:00-13:00 GDG Halsema First Meet-Up
13:00-14:30 Explore Bontoc
14:30-20:30 Travel to Baguio (14:30 is the last trip going to Baguio by Lizardo GL)
21:00 Late Check-In at Hotel Elizabeth

0700-0800 Breakfast in Hotel Elizabeth
0800-1130 Tour of Baguio (Good Shepperd Convent, Mine's View Park, The Mansion, Wright Park, Burnham Park, and Bagui Museum)
1130-1230 Lunch in O-Mai-Khan
1300 Victory Liner
1410-2100 Travel to Manila

Places in the Map

Feel free to zoom in and out of this Google Maps for our adventure.

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Expenses (Money Matters)

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