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To The Year That Was 2012

God blessed me with so many travel opportunities this past year. From vacation to business travels, I've been to new places and revisited some sites I've been to before. I was thrilled to be on a plane excited to meet new people, try different food, and see places. Even if there are some stressful moments, drama, among another negative juju, causing moments, I would say that 2012 allowed me to grow because of experience gained from travelling.

Review of MMDA's EDSA Bus Segregation

Ever since I started working (that was roughly two years ago), I would prefer to ride the bus on my way home. From Ayala near Paseo loading station, I would ride the bus that goes to SM Fairview. Most of the time it's chaotic. People would push each other (just like in the MRT) to get inside the bus. Others would prefer to wait for a more spacious looking bus in the hopes of getting a seat, afraid that they have to stand-up most of their ride in the traffic along EDSA. I don't mind standing cause I am pretty sure lots of people go down at Buendia, Estrella, Guadalupe, Pioneer, and Shaw. But every time I stand on the bus, I always wonder how we could improve our bus system just like in other countries.

Cebu: Food, Friends, and Events

After our adventure in Bacolod , we arrived in Cebu a little before lunch. We (Mamu Chelle, JM, Jomar, and I) checked in at Center Suites in Gonzalez Compound and had lunch at CnT Lechon.

Bacolod: Food, Friends, and Events

Last Monday (November 5, 2012), Google Developer Group - Bacolod had their first DevFest BCD . We flew on November 4 at around 6:20 AM via Philippine Airlines . I was feeling sick the night before our flight - I was vomiting, and my body wouldn't digest anything properly. We arrived in Bacolod at around 8:00 AM and Anne were waiting for us (Janet, JM, Mamu Chelle, Ms. Aileen, Jomar, and I) with a van. We checked in at Avenue Suites dropped our bags and changed to our swimwear. We're going to Carbin Reef - a white sandbar in the middle of the Visayan Sea. Before heading there, we had breakfast at El Ideal. Jomar had corned beef, and I had Pud-Pud na Chorizo Recado . It was yummy, but I was so wary of eating everything because of my tummy. I am just glad that Jomar was there. Jomar's Corned Beef and My Chorizo Recado

Four City in Four Weeks

I was part of the DepEd Gone Google project as Change Manager and trainer. The whole experience of that would be in another entry as well as the food trip we had. In this particular post, I would like to share about the cities where we conducted training as well as hotels and places we got to visit. Davao City Our first stopped was Davao City to conduct the Mindanao leg of the training. After so much stress and drama, I would say it was a good learning experience for everyone. My Mindanao Class

Places to Visit in Singapore

Below is a list of places I visited while in Singapore. The Merlion Park    A visit to SG won't be complete without a visit to the mascot of the country. A walk around the park will also give a magnificent view of the Marina Bay Sands. ArtScience Museum The reason I went to Singapore is because of the Harry Potter Exhibition happening at the ArtScience Museum. In my opinion, it's so worth my time, effort and money. The souvenirs are quite expensive though.

Food Trip in Singapore

In this blog entry, I will share the food that I had during my Singapore Vacation . Tak Po Tak Po is where we had lunch on our first day.   We had Har Gao, Prawn & Mushroom Dumpling, Chicken Rice, and Crispy Yam Dumpling. It was overall a good experience. Great food and at a reasonable price. Location :  42 Smith Street, Chinatown, Singapore This Crispy Yam Dumpling is good! Har Gao

Filipino Traveller Budget to Singapore

Here are the estimated expenses with flight, travel tax, terminal fee, and everything else. Hope it helps you! It only works in Google Chrome (sorry).

My Singapore Experience

It was my first time this year to fly out of the country, and I visited The Lion City. I am not sure where to start in sharing my experience but here's a summary of the places I've been to and food I had. The  budget  post is available here. Day 1 - The Merlion and Google Office It was my first time flying with Tiger Airways, and it was a decent experience since I was sleeping most of the time. The flight was around 6 in the morning, but we left 30 minutes later because of the airport traffic at NAIA Terminal 1.

Mangdang Gen San Experience!

It was my first time in Mindanao last weekend. I went to the Land of the Champions and Land of Tuna, General Santos City, Philippines. It was a fantastic experience! Day 1 - Magandang GenSan! Jomar, Mam Chelle, and I left Makati around 6:00 am for our flight at 7:20 am. After rushing through the airport and paying the terminal fee, the plane took off at around 7:45 and we arrived at the General Santos City International Airport at about 9:30 am. Upon deplaning, we met with Ms. Aileen and her son, Miggy, and Vincent. All of us rode the van waiting for us from the East Asia Royale Hotel. We left our things and rest for a while in our rooms. After a few minutes, we went to Ranchero's Grill and Restaurant for lunch.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Last February 11, 2012, Jomar and I had our first out-of-town date. We went to Clark, Pampanga to witness the second day of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. It's our first time to see a hot air balloon up close. We didn't ride one because it's pretty expensive at $200.00 per person. Other than the hot air balloons, there were other flying-related activities such as kite flying, skydiving, etc. It was a tiring, hot morning but worth it.