Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Last February 11, 2012, Jomar and I had our first out-of-town date. We went to Clark, Pampanga to witness the second day of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. It's our first time to see a hot air balloon up close. We didn't ride one because it's pretty expensive at $200.00 per person. Other than the hot air balloons, there were other flying-related activities such as kite flying, skydiving, etc. It was a tiring, hot morning but worth it.

Will I be coming back next year? I am not sure yet but most likely, yes, this time with Alyanna cause I am sure she'll be so happy seeing hot air balloons. Next time, I will bring water, an umbrella, and a mat. Be there early so you could see the hot air balloons rise.


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