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Photo of the month: Cherry Blossoms

It's so beautiful! I am not sure what else to say. This particular spot is near Granville Island. Looking at this picture gives me so much joy. Our life in Vancouver means walking around to run errands, but there are days where I had to make a conscious decision to slow down and appreciate all this beautiful blessings. Vancouver is so picturesque. Cherry Blossoms near Granville Island Since working from home, my mental health has suffered. I work 8-9 hours a day and I kept on thinking of the next thing to do - what to have for each meal, the floor needs to be mopped, the bathroom needs to be cleaned, do we have to do groceries today. My head is in constant buzz of the next chore, next work phone call. Sending my hug to fellow humans who has to work and maintain a livable home. Walking around our neighborhood and telling myself to slowdown is necessary. Happy Friday!