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Photo of the Month: Filipino Snacks

This month we shopped, packed, and shipped our very first balikbayan box, and I hope it gets to my in-laws early or in time for Christmas. But the picture for this month is the different imported Filipino food that I miss. When doing shopping for the balikbayan box, we went to Superstore. So while Jomar is busy grabbing things we will put inside the box, I was shopping for things we'll enjoy here in Canada and can only get in the Superstore, which includes a lot of Filipino food. Cupp Keyk, Lemon Square Cheese Cake, Hi-Ro, Hansel, and Yakult I grabbed longganisa and lumpia from the frozen aisle and all these wonderful snacks from the international aisle. This was the first time I went grocery shopping without looking at the price. Filipino goodies are so expensive (at least according to my budget) here because they're imported.  Why am I so confident to spend? Because we accumulated a lot of PC points! Yay for points! I only paid $7 and some cents for groceries worth more than