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A Visit to National Museum

Last Sunday, I got a chance to visit the National Museum in Manila. They finished renovating the ground floor while renovations are still ongoing on the levels above. All the doorknobs have N and M in it - how cool is that! I went to the National Museum back in college as a requirement for our class. I don't remember much from that visit because I am not good with appreciating paintings and sculptures. Nonetheless, I had fun going around the more than ten exhibits available on the ground floor of the museum. The entrance fee was free last Sunday (I am not sure if this is an every Sunday thing) but still few people were there.

Less than half-day Tagaytay Trip

Yes, we were in Tagaytay for less than half of a day. Last Sunday (January 19),  +Jomar , Mama  +Chelle , and I gave a tour to  +Amit Chopra  to the cold and breezy Tagaytay City. We left Manila around 6:30 AM and have found ourselves on top of the People's Park in the Sky 2 hours later. It was a cloudy day, and intense cold winds greeted us on top of the park. The view of Laguna and of course, the Taal Volcano is gloomy. The boyfriend is holding the giant pineapple. :)

Food Trip in Gapan City: Luz Kitchenette

Good food. Fast service. We visited Luz Kitchenette for early dinner before heading back to Manila. We ordered a lot of food, and I only took a few photos. Right now, this place is one of the most recommended restaurants in the City of Gapan. Be sure to order the Caldereta! It's excellent. Here  is a Google Maps location for your reference.

Gapan City: Food, Friends, and Events

It was my first out of town trip for the year!  +Jomar ,  +Wayne ,  +Chelle ,  +Mitch ,  +Reymart ,  +Alvin , +Amit  and I left Manila at around 6 AM on our way to Gapan City, Nueva Ecija! We had breakfast in one of the gas stations in NLEX. A little before 9 AM, we found ourselves in Waltermart, Gapan City. After setting up our tarps, we are all set for the event! Student Developer Day in Nueva Ecija Two hundred ninety-four students from ten different universities and colleges in Nueva Ecija attended the event for the day. After enjoying our popcorn (yes, the venue is inside the cinema) and packing up our stuff, we visited the school of AIE College of Gapan.

Food Trip in Maginhawa: Cafe Quezon

Cafe Quezon  is a little cafe along Maginhawa Street. +Jomar  and I had desserts here after our lunch in Katsu Cafe. We even managed to watch two episodes of Detective Conan. Below is our very delicious dessert: Dinuldol (sliced banana) and Fried Suman. Fried Suman and Dinuldol (sliced banana)

Food Trip in Maginhawa: Katsu Cafe

Last Saturday,  +Jomar  and I went to Maginhawa for some personal matters and well, to eat. We decided to try Katsu Cafe along the very long and food heaven Maginhawa Street. Gyoza, Chicken Katsu Set, and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice The ambiance of Katsu Cafe is not very Japanese though I supposed this was to expected since the ambiance in Crazy Katsu is the same. Food wise, I like the Chicken Katsu Jomar ordered. It was crispy and quite tasty. I had my usual Chicken Katsu Curry Rice and Gyoza. The Katsu Curry is acceptable (nothing special and it's not the best I've tried). Gyoza is the worst. It was way too sweet. I can't believe that Gyoza would be sweet. I don't think I'll be coming back. Address : No. 189 Maginhawa Street, Sikatuna Village, Makati City