A Visit to National Museum

Last Sunday, I got a chance to visit the National Museum in Manila. They finished renovating the ground floor while renovations are still ongoing on the levels above.

All the doorknobs have N and M in it - how cool is that!

I went to the National Museum back in college as a requirement for our class. I don't remember much from that visit because I am not good with appreciating paintings and sculptures. Nonetheless, I had fun going around the more than ten exhibits available on the ground floor of the museum. The entrance fee was free last Sunday (I am not sure if this is an every Sunday thing) but still few people were there.

All gallery entrances have a brief explanation of what's
inside the gallery, before you enter.

I am mostly fascinated by the historical paintings (e.g., a portrait of Quiapo Church during the Japanese years) and remnants of Baroque churches currently displayed.

Jomar was also teasing me that I should keep all his diploma and certificates because one day when a museum about him is needed, I would have some things for display. Hilarious!

But that joke of Jomar got me thinking if there would be a museum about me what would be inside it? What contributions to society should I have to have a museum about my life? It's something to ponder about - what things should you be doing to have your museum or gallery about your life?

The National Museum


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