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Summer Fireworks in Vancouver

As soon as Jomar and I got back from our "big" Philippines wedding, it's summer in beautiful Vancouver! We attended one of three Honda Celebration of Lights. We're only free to watch Team India on July 27. After attending the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass celebration at St. Augustine's we walked with our chair to Vanier Park. There's a lot of people from couples like us to families with young kids to groups grilling meat. It was a great atmosphere and a reminder of why I love Canada and Vancouver. Moreover, we enjoyed a wonderful, clear day and the amazing sunset. The crowd at Vanier Park Beautiful Sunset Dusk. The show is about to start. Honda Celebration of Lights 2019 It's the second year we're watching at least one team participating in the competition. I told Jomar this is one of our annual summer things. Here is a 4K / HD video of the fireworks show. It's in 3 different files because for some reason either Google Camera or Goo

Day 10 of PH Wedding Vacation: Layover at Narita International Airport

We're finally in Japan and on our way to Canada. This time we have more time to roam around and decide where to eat (unlike our layover coming from Canada). We walked the whole airport (at least the area we have access to) and checked out places that serve Katsu Curry and Ramen. Somehow, we ended up having a meal at Yoshinoya. Eating Katsu Curry in Japan Enjoying a bowl of ramen in Japan After our meal and while walking to our boarding gate, we purchased a bunch of Kitkat with unique flavours. I think this is where I will end my series of blog posts about our trip to the Philippines. Sorry, it took three months to share them here. As soon as we got to Vancouver, we went straight home. I ordered Indian food using SkipTheDishes and cooked some rice for our lunch and dinner. We went back to work the following morning. It's great to back!

Day 10 of PH Wedding Vacation: Bye, Manila!

It's our last day in the Philippines for this trip. Our flight is at 10 in the morning, so we head out early to make sure we don't miss it. After checking in, we had breakfast at Jollibee in Terminal 1. Yes, there's a Jollibee in Terminal 1 departure area. The whole flight was uneventful.

Day 9 of PH Wedding Vacation: Food

It's our last 24 hours in Manila, and what do we do? Eat all the food I have wanted to eat ever since we arrived. Morning We started the day with Jollibee breakfast. Yes, 900-calories of fast food! Then, I got a haircut from Salon de Matt in Pioneer and deposited the wedding gifts we received to our supported charity. Afterwards, we went to Makati City. We have time, so I got a pedicure, foot spa, and massage. It was great! Pedicure and Foot Spa Afternoon Even though we just ate a lot of things from Jollibee, we went to Giligan's and ate all the things I love: Kare-Kareng Gulay, Garlic Fried Chicken, and Sisig. Then, we went to Razon's of Guagua for Halo-Halo. We started walking to Via Mare Oyster Bar to meet with Ninong Boss. He gave us beautiful words of wisdom as we continue our married life together. Evening After our meeting, we went back to Go Hotel to finalize packing our bags. We're flying in the morning. Then, we had di

Day 8 of PH Wedding Vacation: Tired

It's the day after the wedding. Jomar and I decided to have breakfast early to make sure we'll be able to catch up with guests who are also staying at the hotel. View from our room We were able to catch up with my family. Then, Jomar's family came down to have breakfast. Afterwards, Ninang Myna and Sir Ian were there. Then, Ninang Chelle and Mama Nancy. Lastly, we saw Svet and Nicole. Breakfast After packing up and checking out, we went to Mass with my parents at Manila Cathedral. They dropped us off at Go Hotel in Pioneer, and we were able to rest and pack. Our flight going back to Canada is in two days. Sunday Mass at Manila Cathedral Mitch met us at the lobby, and we were able to catch up before Jomar and I had to leave for Sangkalan all the way in Visayas Avenue. We have dinner with my mom's side of the family. I'm exhausted but enjoyed the food, and they have karaoke which the family enjoyed. Karaoke Ate Ro, Baya, Jomar, and I took a

Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: After the Reception

After the reception and taking photos with friends, Jomar and I finished our food. It was surprisingly delicious. I sincerely hope I can get more, but at that time, my mom already guided the servers into packing the food for families to take home. I sat at one of the tables with my high school friends while they wait for their ride. We went up the room with Jomar (of course), and they helped me take off my wedding gown so I can feel some relief. They also helped in removing the dozens of hairpins. When Deci's dad arrived, and after I said goodbye to them (I don't know when I'll see them again), I took a shower so I can feel again. Jomar and I end up watching Filipino movies: Call Center Girl  starring comedienne Pokwang. By the time it was over, we end up having dinner with my family. That's the end of my 7th day in Manila! The wedding is finally over, and I can eat all I want again. A big thank you to everyone who helped organize my wedding. A

Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: The Reception

I don't remember a lot of things that happened during the reception, but the photos served as a great reminder of the many funny moments. Couple Entrance It all started with Jomar and I entering the reception hall. Mitch and Wayne (maid of honour and best man) were our hosts for the program. They modified the order a bit to give Jomar, and I time to eat because we weren't able to do so in our room. We ate a few bites of the food and continued with the program. I don't want to be eating in the corner while our guests watch. Introduction of Entourage While we were eating, they introduced all the fantastic people who invested time and resources to be part of our entourage. Father-Daughter Dance Then, we continued with giving flowers to both our moms. After which, I danced with Papa. He was holding back his tears. Flowers for both our moms Father-Daughter dance First Couple Dance Jomar and I had our first danced to "So This is Love"

Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: Between Ceremony and Reception

The travel from Manila Cathedral to Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros is less than 10 minutes by car. Before we left the church, we enjoyed taho from Mang Felix, and I know our guests did too. Be sure to call Mang Felix for taho wedding services. Going to the Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros In the car, I kept telling the driver, Kuya derecho airport na po. At Bayleaf, we went straight to our hotel room so Julius Marquez and his team can change my hair. The plan is for us to have lunch in the suite as well, but well, there's no food. We took a few videos in the room and went to the lobby. We asked guests waiting to go up to the reception hall. We had a photo session and went inside the reception hall immediately. I hate to make our guests wait just for Jomar and me to have a long photo session (I have enough beautiful photos from our Canada wedding, thank you very much). However, the few that we did is fantastic! Thanks, Blessing Photography!

Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: Wedding Ceremony

After 9 months of planning and preparation, this is it! It is our wedding in the Philippines in front of family and friends. I want to tell you that it was magical and amazing, but much of it was a blur, but I'll do my best to describe how I felt. I love the Blessing Photography creative shots after the ceremony! It was my turn to walk down the aisle - everybody (from the Manila Cathedral guide to the videographer at the back) is telling me to slow down. I didn't even know that I'm walking fast! I want to tell you that I was nervous or scared, but at that moment, I felt calm and genuinely joyful. As I walk going to the altar, I saw... My Parents They look amazing. My mom holding her tears and my dad looking dashing. Jomar My instinct is to look for Jomar, and when I saw him in front - a wave of excitement and love went over me. All the anger from earlier vanished. I hate how much I love Jomar at that moment. Jomar, his parents, and Wayne (best ma