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Day 4 of PH Wedding Vacation: Joy

It's our 4th day in Manila. It's Wednesday, July 3, only three days before the wedding.

Breakfast Today, we decided to go to Pan de Manila for some pandesal breakfast. We also got cafe mocha (because they don't have hot chocolates) and ate it at the store. This is the most nostalgic breakfast so far. After that, we decided to buy some taho.

Lunch For lunch, we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Alex III (Alex the Third) in Quezon City. They used to have boneless crispy pata which everyone loved (except me because I don't eat crispy pata).

Our whole family is there (including father). The lunch is to celebrate Kuya's graduation, so we extended the invite to Uncle Deo, Aunt Vickie, and cousin Stacy as well as Uncle Fred and cousin Raf. We ordered a lot of good food.

Unfortunately, Jomar and I had to leave early because we really want to drop by QSR to meet and catch-up with Ms. Myna.
QSR and Ninang Myna We arrived at QSR between 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM. We saw Mang…

Day 3 of PH Wedding Vacation: Time with Family

It's our third day in Manila. The agenda for today is to spend time with Uncle Deo, Aunt Vickie, and cousin Stacy. They are family on mom-side who flew all the way from the US to celebrate our wedding.

Breakfast We (Jomar, me, Ate Ro, Kuya, and Baya) had breakfast at Chowking. It's always sweet and fun to spend time with the siblings.
After eating breakfast, Kuya Lito (our ABC car rental driver) arrived, and we picked up mother from the condominium, and off we go to Grass Residences near SM North EDSA. We, finally, saw Uncle, Auntie, and cousin.
The last time we saw them was 2017 (I think) when they visited us in Vancouver after their Alaska cruise but before their flight back to California. Kuya didn't see them at that time because they're busy working so the last time he saw them was more than ten years ago during our first time in the US.
Intramuros We drove through Quezon Avenue and Espana, saw Quiapo Church, then inside Intramuros. Jomar and I finalized our requir…

Day 2 of PH Wedding Vacation: Meeting Suppliers

It's our second day back in Manila. For our 7:00 AM breakfast, we went to Jollibee in Sheridan with Mother, Ate Ro, and Baya. Then, right on time, Kuya Lito (our excellent driver from ABC Rental) arrived. We're off to Muntinlupa.

Meeting Tita Mimi Tita Mimi designed the gown for both mother and mother-in-law, Mitch (maid of honour), Deci, Shelly, Ate Ro, and Baya. She also altered my dress and created everything else I would need for the big day - cord, veil, arras, pillows, etc.

Today, we're here to pay Tita Mimi and for mother, Ate Ro, and Baya to try their gowns for the first (and only) time before the wedding. I did measurements in Canada and sent it to Tita Mimi. It's a miracle that everything fit perfectly. The length needs to be adjusted based on their shoes, but that's about it.
Meeting Julius After an hour or so at Tita Mimi's, Jomar and I dropped off mother, Ate Ro, and Baya at Alabang Town Center. I'm happy they were able to get a Grab Car! Jomar…

Day 1 of PH Wedding Vacation: Errands

I'm not entirely sure what to call this day. With 2 hours of sleep, I was awake at 4:00 AM. The first order of business is to have breakfast. We waited for freshly cooked fried chicken from Ministop. Yes, my first meal back in Manila is Ministop fried chicken.

We went to the 7:15 AM Mass in Greenbelt Chapel - starting our vacation right. We went to Landmark to do some grocery. Then, to NAIA Terminal 1 off we go, to pick-up parents and siblings who arrived with China Airlines.

They were exhausted. After much discussion and debate, the five of us (Jomar, me, Ate Ro, Kuya, and Baya) went to Shakey's for lunch. Mojos! Mother requested Chowking noodles to go. Thankfully, my husband is such a trooper and went to buy the Chowking while we finish up lunch.

Then, we went with Kuya to Gardini Fashion Center to do his only fitting for the wedding. Thankfully, everything fits perfectly, and they just need to finish it. We also changed things from a necktie to a bowtie for the entourage. I…

Day 0 of PH Wedding Vacation: Japan Airlines

I haven't posted in a while (busy and stress is an understatement), but in the next series of posts, I want to share the nearly two weeks we spent in Manila for our wedding.

Breakfast and Lunch in YVR Our flight is at 2:25 PM (Pacific Time), but we're so excited that we're already at the airport at around 9:00 AM. We took a Yellow Cab going to Vancouver International Airport (YVR) and knowing full well that the check-in counter will still be close, we grabbed breakfast at Tim Hortons.

It's the same Tims I worked at full-time for a week before I quit. But that's a different story.

We were standing in line at 10:00 AM and the folks of Japan Airlines (JAL) were only setting up. The check-in counter opens 3 hours before (not 4!). We stayed in line and was playing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

By 12:00 NN, we're done checking in and going to security. We're enjoying our Chinese cuisine lunch at a place called Hanami Sushi (yes, I know, it's confusing). After …

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