Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: Pre-Wedding Preparations

It's THE big day! It's a busy day. I want to share what happened in the sequence they occurred.

Hair & Make-up

Our wedding is at 10:00 AM, and we got Julius Marquez and his team to do hair and make-up for 10 people.

Julius Marquez doing my make-up

They were at the location at around 1:45 AM to start doing our hair and make-up by 2:00 AM. Below is the schedule:

2:00 AM (4 heads): Celine (bride), Mitch (maid of honour), Deci (secondary sponsor), and Shelly (secondary sponsor)

2 in the morning

4:00 AM (4 heads): Mother, Mother-in-law, Therese (secondary sponsor), and Alyanna (bridesmaid)

3 in the morning

6:00 AM (2 heads): Keith (flower girl) and Carli (flower girl) but since Carli wakes up late Mama Chelle (godmother) used the slot

Whew! Yes, I'm awake 10 hours before my wedding. Don't do a morning wedding if you don't want this torture (I'm kidding!). Thanks to all these wonderful ladies who woke up early for our special day.

My fave ladies <3
A warm hug and gratitude to Julius and his team for the excellent work and waking up earlier than we did.

Pictorial by Blessing Photography

At 5:00 AM, the photographers and videographers from Blessing Photography arrived at the hotel. At the same time, Jomar's college classmates and parents of our flower girls and bearer came from Cavite. Thank God I booked the most spacious room they have. Otherwise, we have no place for them to rest.

Spacious Hotel Room

They took many photos of the items we're going to use for the wedding. I had my pictorial, Jomar had his as well.

We got the best package Blessing has to offer, so Jomar has a team with him on the 7th floor, and I have mine on the 8th floor.

The Gown and Coat & Tie

I got my wedding dress off-the-rack in Canada and had it altered in the Philippines. I am so grateful to Mitch and Svet for helping me with my gown on the day itself. I don't know what I will be with them.

Jomar, on the other hand, got his custom coat and tie from Canada as well. Specifically, last March we went to Moore's to get his size to complete his handsome look.

Bridal Car

Most of the morning was a blur. I was angry (like furious) in the morning, but I won't share here why but I had to bottle it up. I was ranting to the bridal car driver 10 minutes before I walk down the aisle just to release all the negative emotion.

I am also praying really hard for God's grace that I can forgive and that I'll calm down during the Ceremony of Holy Matrimony.

Next post will be the wedding ceremony!


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