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Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: The Reception

I don't remember a lot of things that happened during the reception, but the photos served as a great reminder of the many funny moments.

Couple Entrance

It all started with Jomar and I entering the reception hall. Mitch and Wayne (maid of honour and best man) were our hosts for the program. They modified the order a bit to give Jomar, and I time to eat because we weren't able to do so in our room.

We ate a few bites of the food and continued with the program. I don't want to be eating in the corner while our guests watch.

Introduction of Entourage

While we were eating, they introduced all the fantastic people who invested time and resources to be part of our entourage.

Father-Daughter Dance

Then, we continued with giving flowers to both our moms. After which, I danced with Papa. He was holding back his tears.

Flowers for both our moms

Father-Daughter dance

First Couple Dance

Jomar and I had our first danced to "So This is Love" from Cinderella danced with the prince for the first time. Then, we had the cake cutting and toast.

Photo with each Table

We were moving at a steady phase because I want our guests to start enjoying the feast we prepared. After photos with each table, they proceeded to the buffet table. When everybody got their food, Jomar and I decided to say hi to each table. I'm truly filled with joy to be surrounded by family and friends.

Bring Me game and Bouquet Toss

After 30 minutes or so, we continued with the program. I called in seven single ladies from our guests to play the "Bring Me" game I found on YouTube. It was hilarious! Mao, my high school friend, won.

Then, I call ALL single ladies for the ceremonial bouquet throw. We should have made it into a game of whoever catches the bouquet will be eliminated because no one wants to come close. Jonah caught the flowers.


After all that, Mitch gave her speech about our history and friendship. I don't think I'll survive this wedding without her. Hugs to awesome friends.

We also had the opportunity to thank our Primary Sponsors by giving them our Canada swag package (LOL). Why give wine when you can provide maple syrup from Canada?

Then, my parents gave a speech. My dad was so funny! His introduction is like 2 minutes long. On the other hand, my mom was so serious. I can't believe neither of them cried during the speech.

Then it was Jomar's parents' turn. My father-in-law's speech was funny, and he couldn't finish it because my mother-in-law was stopping him. She's advise was dramatic, ending in tears.

I enjoyed both speeches so much that I asked the photographer to give me raw copies so I could rewatch it over and over again.

We're nearing the end. Wayne gave his best man toast about how the three of us bonded and grew our friendship through the community.

Thank You

We ended the reception with a thank you speech from Jomar and me.

What a fun-filled 2-3 hours. I hope all our guests enjoyed it as much as we did.


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