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Day 6 of PH Wedding Vacation: Meeting of the Families

It's the day before our Catholic wedding! I can't remember how I felt - scared? Nervous? Maybe. All I know is I'm going through the execution of all our planning for the last 8 months!


Since we didn't have any plans for the morning (thanks to Ms. Myna, Mitch, and Wayne for helping us with errands that we were able to have a relaxing morning), we had KFC for breakfast. I ordered A LOT of food for two people. What diet? What wedding? LOL!

2-pc Fried Chicken Fully Loaded Meal, Hot Shots, and Fries for breakfast

After breakfast, Kuya Lito arrived, and we went down with a suitcase of all the things we need for the big day.


We went to Max's along Roxas Blvd to have lunch with both families. It's the first time both Jomar's family and my family are meeting. Yes, they're meeting the day before our wedding. Crazy, right?

Lunch with both families
After our fun lunch, we went to the Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros to check-in. We paid for hotel accommodation for both families (essentially, our entourage). Having all of us nearby reduced my anxiety for the wedding because I won't be worried about people being late because of traffic.


Jomar and I stayed at different rooms the night before the wedding. He was with Wayne (best man), and I was with Mitch (maid of honour) and Deci (secondary sponsor). I booked the Bayleaf suite, which is a 1-bedroom suite with a small kitchen, 1.5 bathrooms, a living room, and a large dining table. It also has a king-size bed.

Long Table

My family is on the 8th floor while Jomar and his family on the 7th floor. Ms. Myna (one of our Ninang) is also booked on the 8th floor, and it was good to see her and catch up as well.


For dinner, Mitch asked what I want. McDonald's! I ordered large fries, chicken nuggets, and spaghetti. I forgot how small the serving size in Manila. It's like a medium in Vancouver. Deci and I went to bed while Mitch waits for Svet and Nico.

Tomorrow is the big day!


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