Day 7 of PH Wedding Vacation: After the Reception

After the reception and taking photos with friends, Jomar and I finished our food. It was surprisingly delicious. I sincerely hope I can get more, but at that time, my mom already guided the servers into packing the food for families to take home.

I sat at one of the tables with my high school friends while they wait for their ride. We went up the room with Jomar (of course), and they helped me take off my wedding gown so I can feel some relief. They also helped in removing the dozens of hairpins.

When Deci's dad arrived, and after I said goodbye to them (I don't know when I'll see them again), I took a shower so I can feel again. Jomar and I end up watching Filipino movies: Call Center Girl starring comedienne Pokwang.

By the time it was over, we end up having dinner with my family.

That's the end of my 7th day in Manila! The wedding is finally over, and I can eat all I want again.

A big thank you to everyone who helped organize my wedding. A special mention to Mitch and Wayne! We love you both so much.


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