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Day 4 of PH Wedding Vacation: Joy

It's our 4th day in Manila. It's Wednesday, July 3, only three days before the wedding.


Today, we decided to go to Pan de Manila for some pandesal breakfast. We also got cafe mocha (because they don't have hot chocolates) and ate it at the store. This is the most nostalgic breakfast so far. After that, we decided to buy some taho.

Pan de Manila for breakfast



For lunch, we went to one of our favourite restaurants, Alex III (Alex the Third) in Quezon City. They used to have boneless crispy pata which everyone loved (except me because I don't eat crispy pata).

Crispy Pata

Our whole family is there (including father). The lunch is to celebrate Kuya's graduation, so we extended the invite to Uncle Deo, Aunt Vickie, and cousin Stacy as well as Uncle Fred and cousin Raf. We ordered a lot of good food.

Unfortunately, Jomar and I had to leave early because we really want to drop by QSR to meet and catch-up with Ms. Myna.

QSR and Ninang Myna

We arrived at QSR between 2:00 PM to 2:30 PM. We saw Mang Danny, Ate Irene, Sir Ian, Ms. Ingrid, and finally met Hester.

Hester has been super helpful in making sure we have ABC van rental on each day that we need it. She's such a blessing to the QSR team and us. Thanks, Hester!

Ninang Myna has a busy schedule, and we didn't expect to see her because I know she's in between events and I know how hectic it can be. But before her next event, she decided to stop by the office to catch up with us. It's so refreshing to see her and spend time with her just chatting. Honestly, every time I see and talk with Ms. Myna - I am filled with joy and love.

My photo is still in the QSR office <3

Every time I have the chance, I always tell her that she's an angel to everyone she meets. We love you so much, Ms. Myna!

SM Megamall

After chatting with Ms. Myna, Jomar and I went to SM Megamall. I did last-minute shopping for the wedding day. 

Then, we went to confession, prayed at the Adoration Chapel, and attended Mass in the Chapel at SM Megamall. Days like this, I really know God is working - like we didn't plan this, but everything worked out.

Reception Program Meeting 

We went near Kenny Rogers where we're scheduled to meet with Wayne (Best Man and Reception Program Host), Mitch (Maid of Honor and Reception Program Host), and Kat (Wedding Day Coordinator).

While waiting for Mitch and Kat, we went to Taco Bell (who knew there's a Taco Bell here already?! I'm so happy!).

Taco Bell

We had a long discussion about the flow of the day from 2:00 AM make-up to the end of the reception. We are so grateful to these fantastic people. We're truly blessed.


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