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Day 5 of PH Wedding Vacation: Day with the In-Laws

Sorry for not posting again. I'm not sure what happened, but I just forgot to continue blogging.

Today, we spent the whole day in Naic, Cavite where Jomar grew up. It was Nanay's (my mother-in-law) birthday. It was the only day this trip that we could spend with Jomar's family, so we spent the whole day here until around 5:00 PM.


The day before I called Amber to order some The Original Pancit Malabon (because it's my only chance) and Pork BBQ (because the Filipino BBQ in Vancouver is no match for the one from the Philippines).

For breakfast, we went to Ministop (where there is a surprisingly long line) and end up eating four random Kariman flavours. Then, at precisely 8 AM, Kuya Lito picked us up at Go Hotel. We went to pick-up the food from Amber. I'm so excited to eat! Food priority!


We arrived in Naic, Cavite - specifically, Jossel's beautiful home a little bit before 10 AM. We're greeted by this little guy, it's our new nephew, Matt Jairus; and his older sister, Jhaira (she was an only child until a month of this visit). I also met Jian for the first time. He's our second nephew. Maybe I should make a table to summarize (but I won't).

Matt Jairus

Ate Jhaira


After saying hi to everybody, we watched a bunch of nursery rhymes on YouTube using the Chromecast we gave Jossel.

Then, we ate lunch. Jossel also purchased Lechon manok (roasted chicken) which is one of my requests. I haven't found a place that sells it in Vancouver. We also have shrimps, fish, and Shakey's Chicken & Mojos. It was a feast!

A feast for Nanay's birthday

Family Picture

This is our only chance to be complete, so a family photo is mandatory. I'm not sure when the next time we'll be going back to the Philippines or when we'll be able to gather everybody like this. I'm so glad that God is at work and making this perfect timing possible.

Complete Family Picture


We had a lot of Palabok for early dinner before heading back to Mandaluyong. It was traffic. That's about it.


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