Summer Fireworks in Vancouver

As soon as Jomar and I got back from our "big" Philippines wedding, it's summer in beautiful Vancouver!

We attended one of three Honda Celebration of Lights. We're only free to watch Team India on July 27. After attending the 5:00 PM Saturday Mass celebration at St. Augustine's we walked with our chair to Vanier Park.

There's a lot of people from couples like us to families with young kids to groups grilling meat. It was a great atmosphere and a reminder of why I love Canada and Vancouver. Moreover, we enjoyed a wonderful, clear day and the amazing sunset.

The crowd at Vanier Park

Beautiful Sunset

Dusk. The show is about to start.

Honda Celebration of Lights 2019

It's the second year we're watching at least one team participating in the competition. I told Jomar this is one of our annual summer things. Here is a 4K / HD video of the fireworks show. It's in 3 different files because for some reason either Google Camera or Google Photos cut them up when the file has become too big. Enjoy!


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