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May 2017: Food, Food, and More Food

May is the month of celebration and eating out. Below is a list of some of the restaurants I went to this month. Enjoy!

Vegetarian Burgers with yam fries before the movie
Travel the Dumpling Trail starting with Shibuyatei Sushi & Larmen
Seafood Pancakes during Mother's Day dinner
Old Style Bacon Cheeseburger from Fatburger
Pasta during Alyanna's birthday
My Fave Soup from Cafe 101 Bakery
Roast Duck Poutine with sister after work Whew! That's a lot of food adventures for one month. There are more images on this album in case you're interested to see more food photos.

Happy Month of May: Family Celebrations

Completely unrelated to this post but I had to share: It was a longer day at work than usual, especially for a Friday. But the real bummer is when I arrived home my 5-month old Asus Chromebook won't turn on. I tried the basic troubleshooting of plugging it in and hold the power for 60 seconds. I called Asus and I am under warranty for the next 24 months which is great but the repair process takes a week + shipping time AND I am leaving for the Philippines on Friday. So... I will be laptop-less. There, I said it.
May is a busy and festive month for our family. We are celebrating two things: Mother's Day and Alyanna's birthday! Let me share with you a glimpse of what we did to celebrate both.
Mother's Day Therese is the master planner in coming up with surprises for our parents. We created this Messenger group with just the four of us. She will buy flowers, I will buy the cake, Alyanna cooks breakfast, and Kuya shows up.

 Flower delivery arrived a day earlier than Mothe…

An Hour at White Rock Beach

I am, finally, all caught up with my posts and can now share about my adventures this month.

Last Saturday, it was our youngest siblings birthday. We had lunch at Olive Garden (unlimited bread sticks!) and after that we went to White Rock Beach. This is our second time here but it will be the first time for our only brother since he almost always have work during the weekend.

It was a short (1 hour) trip. We walked along the pier, had some ice cream to go from The White Coffee and Ice Cream, and went back to the car since we only paid 1-hour worth of parking space.

It was a great day spent with my parents and siblings. I can't wait to go back to the beach and spend time swimming and enjoying the sun.