Happy Month of May: Family Celebrations

Completely unrelated to this post but I had to share: It was a longer day at work than usual, especially for a Friday. But the real bummer is when I arrived home my 5-month old Asus Chromebook won't turn on. I tried the basic troubleshooting of plugging it in and hold the power for 60 seconds. I called Asus and I am under warranty for the next 24 months which is great but the repair process takes a week + shipping time AND I am leaving for the Philippines on Friday. So... I will be laptop-less. There, I said it.

May is a busy and festive month for our family. We are celebrating two things: Mother's Day and Alyanna's birthday! Let me share with you a glimpse of what we did to celebrate both.

Mother's Day

Therese is the master planner in coming up with surprises for our parents. We created this Messenger group with just the four of us. She will buy flowers, I will buy the cake, Alyanna cooks breakfast, and Kuya shows up.

 Flower delivery arrived a day earlier than Mother's Day and my mom was the one who opened the door to the delivery person instead of Therese who's supposed to hide it. Thankfully, my parents were out that night for a prayer meeting so I could bring the cake safely in without being spotted.

Flowered ordered by Therese online
Cake chosen by Alyanna and purchased by Celine (me)

The following morning I set an alarm for 5AM and woke up Alyanna. Mother is already awake praying in their room while father is downstairs using the computer (probably reading news). Little sister cooked pancakes from scratch (yes, she can do that now and it's really good). I cooked sausages from Costco. Oh, Alyanna also prepared blueberry syrup for the pancakes and we still have maple syrup on the fridge here's an image of our pretty breakfast.

Alyanna's pancakes and blueberry syrup

Of course, like the awesome mom that she is, mother shared with us Alyanna's yummy pancake. Happy Mother's Day Ma!

Oh, I almost forgot that we also had dinner Thursday before at Dai Jang Kum which is currently one of mom's fave restaurant.

Korean BBQ 

Alyanna's Birthday

Our youngest sister is not so young anymore. She is celebrating her x-th birthday (no, I am not going to announce her age). She only have 1 birthday wish and it's specific: For brother to have lunch or dinner with the family in Olive Garden. Sister is addicted to the unlimited bread sticks of Olive Garden ever since she heard it from one of the YouTubers she frequently watch.

Chicken and Gnnochi soup

Italian Feast


Happy birthday little sister!


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