Food Trip in Maginhawa: Crazy Katsu and Fancy Crepe

Crazy Katsu

In Maginhawa Street, you will find the original branch of Crazy Katsu. As the name of the restaurant suggest, they serve all sorts of Katsudon and other Japanese meal. I love the Katsu Curry. The curry sauce was one of the best that I have tried and at a reasonable price (Php 190.00). +Jomar, on the other hand, ordered the Katsudon (Php 150.00) which was equally good. The chicken was tender and served hot. The only disappointment of the day was the Gyoza (Php 120.00). It tasted like how a refrigerator would smell when you have not clean it. Overall, I would definitely go back to Crazy Katsu because of their delicious Katsu Curry.

Fancy Crepe

Thin and crunchy best describes the crepes offered by Fancy Crepe. What made the crepes fancy is definitely not the taste because there's nothing extraordinary about the taste, what makes their crepe stand out is how they present it. We were so happy (mababaw happy) when our crepes have names in it.

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