Summary of My Birthday

I celebrated my 24th birthday last November 8. Below are highlights of the week that I had.
To start, last November 4 - +Jomar and I had my fave
Kare-Kareng Gulay from Giligan's.
November 5 - for my love of Mexican food,
+Jomar and I had dinner in Mexicali
November 6 - my all-time fave Taco Bell!
November 7: Lunch with my officemates at
my fave pasta place The Old Spaghetti House
November 7: Dinner with the family at Lorenzo's Way.
The Kare-Kare was superb!
The gift my sisters prepared was touching.

On the day of my birthday, +Jomar and I were mostly on the bus headed to my fave Baguio City. Summary: +Azalea Baguio - fave hotel ever! Solibao for lunch, visit the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral (Baguio Cathedral), the first time in the Botanical Garden, and Mongolian buffet dinner in +Tradisyon Coffee Shop.

Botanical Garden

Thank God for 24 years of existence and all the blessings - life, family, friends, boyfriend, work, and community.


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