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2012: Travel Inventory

God blessed me with so many travel opportunities this past year. From vacation to business travels, I've been to new places and revisited some sites I've been to before. I was thrilled to be on a plane excited to meet new people, try different food, and see places. Even if there are some stressful moments, drama, among another negative juju, causing moments, I would say that 2012 allowed me to grow because of experience gained from travelling.

January 2012 - Baguio

I went to Baguio with the rest of our PMBA department in Orange and Bronze Software Labs for our planning. This trip was my third time in the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Upon arrival in Baguio, we visited the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral then walked to check out the chill and artsy Oh My Gulay but decided to have lunch in Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant (they serve affordable good food). We head back to our shelter, rested, and started preparing for dinner. It was the highlight of the whole trip. Bonding while cooking and planning over supper. We head out again to the empty Burnham Park before calling it a night. The following morning we went to buy pasalubong from Good Shepherd Convent (they have the best Ube ever) then checked out Mine's View Park. On our way down, we had dinner in Isdaan Floating Restaurant.

February - Clark & Subic

Look at all the balloons.

Being the love month, my adventure for this month was mostly with Jomar. We went to Clark, Pampanga for the 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in the morning and went straight to Subic, Zambales to experience Zoobic Safari. Talk about tiring Saturdate day.

March - Pyromusical

For this month, I am stuck in the city, but it doesn't mean it's uneventful. Jomar and I (after a year of waiting) decided to watch the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition between China and The Netherlands. Seeing those lights while holding hand in hand was a very spectacular Saturdate.

April - Pangasinan & GenSan

The first week of April is all about family time. We went to Pangasinan for an overnight stay to visit different family members from Lola, to cousins, to niece, and nephews. We also had our Easter Sunday Mass in Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag Shrine. To end the month, I went to General Santos City in Mindanao for the 3rd Leg of the Google Map Maker Summit. For the complete blog about that whole experience, please click here.

General Santos City Airport

May - Bolinao, Pangasinan

I went back to Pangasinan last May for the company outing in Bolinao. We stayed in  Punta Riviera Resort. It was time to get those tan lines and bonding with office mates. We even had bonfire during the evening and was having fun trying to figure out how to grill our hotdogs over the fire.


It was a stay in the city, focus on work June. It was also time to start saving up for the vacation for July.

July - Singapore

It's my most significant expense so far. I went to the Lion City, Singapore. The main reason for this trip is to see the Harry Potter Exhibit in the ArtScience Museum.

It's the Happy Birthday Harry Potter Wall :)
I am in super fan girl mode most of the trip. For the summary of the whole SG, experience click this link and for the list of places I've visited this link.


After that expensive vacation, August is no travel month as I try to recover financially.

September - Davao

Land of the Durian, Davao. At the last week of September, we went to Davao City. It marks the first leg of our DepEd goes Google project, and it was fun. I experienced Samal Island and the long slide leading to the sea in Maxima Beach Resort as well as the Hagimit Falls and Nature Park. It was a crazy fun day in Davao. We also visited the Philippine Eagle Center and saw some beautiful birds.

Look at that slide leading to the sea!

October - Cebu, Baguio, & Tagaytay

October is three city DepEd training month. Right after the week in Davao, we went back to Manila to pack our thing and head to Cebu. It was only my second time in Cebu, and I was surprised to see how much it changed in 8 years. More people, more jeepneys, and more malls are the first things I noticed. Anyway, in Cebu, we experienced the Edge Coaster! I don't hate heights, but I was seriously scared. But the view of Cebu at night was a good reward. After our Cebu adventure, we were on our way up to Baguio the following week. Food trip galore! Two weeks later, we went to Tagaytay for the last leg of our training and another week of food trip. Three provinces in one month wherein I met new interesting people and got to try great food.

November - Pangasinan, Bacolod, & Cebu

It's my birthday month and a summary of my birthday week would be in here. For November, I went to Pangasinan (for the All Soul's day) then two days later, I was in Bacolod (for Devfest Bacolod) then two days later, I was in Cebu (for Devfest Cebu). Talk about another threesome. Three cities in around a week! The food trip and gaining weight season ends here.

GDG Bacolod sign
I was at GDG DevFest Cebu


December is holiday month, so time for some family loves and staying at home.

In summary

I went to one new country, Singapore. I went to Pangasinan three times and visited Cebu and Baguio twice. I went to General Santos, Davao, and Bacolod for the first time this year. I went back to Subic and Clark after a year (I was there in 2011 for a family vacation). I also got to visit Tagaytay after a long time. What a year! Thanking God for all these travel opportunities. :)


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