Four City in Four Weeks

I was part of the DepEd Gone Google project as Change Manager and trainer. The whole experience of that would be in another entry as well as the food trip we had. In this particular post, I would like to share about the cities where we conducted training as well as hotels and places we got to visit.

Davao City

Our first stopped was Davao City to conduct the Mindanao leg of the training. After so much stress and drama, I would say it was a good learning experience for everyone.

My Mindanao Class

We stayed in Crown Regency Residences and was a surprise to be staying in a hotel surrounded by motels. Not only surrounded from the outside but the hotel itself is a passageway to one of the motels.

Panorama Shot of Crown Regency Pool Area

After the training days, we took a day off to visit the island of Samal. We had an adrenaline rush while using the long slide in Maxima Beach Resort and had a dip in Hagimit Falls. We also got to visit the Philippine Eagle Center.

The Philippine Eagle Center map

Long Maxima Resort Slide was leading to the sea!

Panoramic Shot of the Hagimit Falls

Cebu City

Next training venue was Cebu City. We stayed in the fantastic and almost perfect (except for no wifi) Crown Regency Hotel and Towers.

Our Crown Regency Room (Picture from Jayson Dollesin)

After our training, we went to the 38th floor of the hotel for the Sky Experience Adventure; we rode the Edge Coaster! The view of Cebu at night was great; even the stars were shining. A trip in Cebu wouldn't be complete without a visit at Magellan's Cross and Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino.

View from the Edge Coaster (Picture from Jewel Dy)

Baguio City

The Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio City is the venue for the Northern Luzon Training. It was cold. We didn't get to go around that much, but still, our food adventure was amazing. We stayed in the beautiful Azalea Hotel. It just so happen that we had a few rooms for all of us.

My Northern Luzon Class

Tagaytay City

Closest training venue to Manila. We stayed in View Park Hotel. Please spare yourself and find a better hotel especially if you're booking the Standard Room. Why? The room is tiny, and we saw a snake in the restroom of our premier room. The hotel management even insisted that it was just a worm. Why would a worm that big be disturbed from the nearby construction? Anyway, they decided to upgrade our room to a Deluxe which is so much better!

 We didn't get to visit any touristy spot, but the food trip was again, AMAZING.

My Southern Luzon Class

In a nutshell, that was the places I saw and the hotels I checked in during the trip. :)


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