My Singapore Experience

It was my first time this year to fly out of country and I visited The Lion City. I am not really sure where to start in sharing my experience but here's a summary of the places I've been to and food I had. This is the budget.

Day 1 - The Merlion and Google Office

It was my first time flying with Tiger Airways and it was a decent experience since I was sleeping most of the time. The flight was scheduled at around 6am but we left 30 minutes later because of the airport traffic at NAIA Terminal 1.

We arrived at the Budget Terminal of Changi International Airport in Singapore. It was a simple but clean airport. We went through the immigration then had our Philippines Peso changed to Singapore Dollars. After reading through the signage, we rode a shuttle bus to Terminal 2 where the MRT to the City is located. We purchased tickets and we're good to go! We boarded the train at Changi Airport then transferred train at the Tanah Merah Station. We went to the North East Line station interchange at Outram Park then to Chinatown. Don't worry, it's very difficult to get lost because signage and train announcements are everywhere, you just have to listen and have some presence of mind. Chinatown was amazing! It's full of life with different stores selling souvenirs items at affordable prices. We went to Smith Street in The Beary Nice Hostel. We left our bags in our locker then had lunch at Tak Po, a pricey Hong Kong style dim sum restaurant. We visited the Google Office at Singapore then visited the Merlion at the Merlion Park and had an amazing night view of the Marina Bay Sands area. We called it a night and decided to have dinner at Tian Tian Hiananese Chicken at Maxwell Food Centre but we were too late. We settled for some gyoza and garlic pancake from Maxwell Food Centre.

Day 2 - Harry Potter Exhibit

 After having a restful sleep, we had breakfast at Chan Chan Heng Eating House which serves all vegetarian dishes. We went straight to Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Musuem to visit the Harry Potter exhibit! I spent so much buying souvenirs and I seriously want to buy some more but decided against it. This exhibit is the reason why I went to Singapore and it was definitely worth it! After the exhibition, we went to the Gardens by the Bay. It was a little too hot so we didn't explore that much.

We went straight to Little India and had late lunch at Tekka Centre. I seriously fell in love with the Naan Bread they sold there. We also visited the Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple and Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. After buying 1.5L of water, we went to the Botanical Garden and enjoyed the fresh air. We sat in one of the benches and felt so relaxed surrounded by trees and other elements of nature.

After going around a bit, we went to the Fort Canning. We seriously got lost in the area because we went out the wrong MRT exit. The night breeze was amazing. We again tried to have Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken still at Maxwell but again, it's close. We settled for some amazing Thai food at Maxwell.

Day 3 - Sentosa Island

To be sure that we taste that Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken, we went there for lunch and YES! they were open. We had a taste of those soft juicy hainanese chicken. We went to Harbour Station to go to Sentosa Island via the Angry Birds Cable Car. We went to the Cable Car museum and enjoyed the fresh air at the Imbiah Terrace. After walking some more, we found ourselves at the Merlion Plaza and decided to go in the attraction for S$8.00. We found out the story behind the Merlion.

After this, we took the monorail going to Universal Studio. Inside, we watched how special sound and scenes were made inside the Water World show; we rode the Galactica: Humans, the Lost Pyramid, and Treasure Hunter; lastly, we watched Donkey Live, Shrek 4D, and the Parade. We went back to Chinatown and purchased our souvenirs and pasalubong. We had dinner at People Park Food Centre then called it a night.

Day 4 - Chinatown

We woke up extra early this day because we need to check out. We went to the Chinatown Heritage Center and learned a great deal of Chinese history in Singapore then to the Singapore Coins and Notes Museum. We then went to the Masjid Jamae mosque. We went back to People Park Food Centre to buy those delicious Bee Kim Heng jerky and had laksa for lunch. We went back to the hotel to get our stuff and straight to the airport for our flight.

I guess that's a summary of the places I've been, food I tasted, and everything in between. Singapore, we'll meet again. :) For more photos you may check this album. :)

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