Food Trip in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver: Miura Restaurant & Bar

It's my fault.

When I asked my sisters to watch Food Network I never thought they'll like it. We watched an episode of You Gotta Eat Here and they liked it so much that Therese made a blog post about the restaurants that are in Vancouver for us to try.

This is the third restaurant we've tried ever since we started watching You Gotta Eat Here . Miura Restaurant & Bar is located in Main Street near East Broadway Avenue. It's an Asian-inspired restaurant.

Empty Restaurant at 3 in the afternoon on a Wednesday!

Therese and I went there at 3:00 PM in the afternoon before our shift starts at 5:30 PM last Wednesday. Because of the time, we were the only two customers there for a good 30 minutes. Before coming here, we already did our research and have figured out a what we want. We ordered the Super Chic waffle sandwich and Banarama. It was cut in half so Therese and I get equal portions.

This is half of the Super Chic waffle sandwich which has bacon waffle, soy marinated fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, and mayo

Fresh lettuce and tomato on top of those juicy fried chicken was perfect whether it's on top of a bun or pancakes or like in this case bacon waffle. The bacon waffle is delicious! Though, I wished the outside of the waffle is more crunchy than what it is.

Banarama composed of banana, whip cream, and chocolate sauce

Chocolate is chocolate and you can never go wrong with chocolate. You can taste the waffles better on this one and it was alright. Personally, I still prefer the waffles over at Waffle Bant.

Overall, I'll bring Jomar here when he's back in town just to try those juicy, yummy chicken.


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